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What sets Travel Babe apart from most travel communities is our ability to incorporate real-life stories, tips, tricks, and advice by a community of women around the globe. We want to hear YOUR story.

We aim to create a space that truly embodies community, and by accepting submissions, we can achieve that. 

Encouragement for submissions:

1. Own your travel story.

2. Share your unique experience!

3. By sharing your mishaps, triumphs, and revelations, you could be helping someone gather the strength to take that solo trip they've always wanted. 

Image by Rayyu Maldives photographer

Top 5 Dreamy Summer    


Image by Denise Jans

Why You Should be 

Managing your 

Finances Now

Image by Ivana Cajina

Packing Essentials 

For a Long Haul Flight

Image by Khürt Williams

Must-Visit USA Winter 


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