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These Meal Kits Let You Eat Your Way Around the World While in Quarantine

Cooking isn't everyone's favorite thing, though quarantine has thrusted it upon many of us.

Some of us have no problem frying up breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while others still have trouble not burning things in the microwave.

No matter where you lie on the spectrum, meal kits are a great way to either teach you how to cook or spice up your go-to dishes. These particular kits do a really great job of introducing you to recipes from around the world.

Learn more about them below to see which one you'd like delivered to your front door!

1. Takeout Kit

No matter what you're feeling, Takeout Kit allows you to make authentic cuisine from your own home. Each box comes with the necessary ingredients in the right portions, so you can make a meal in 40 minutes or less. It really is that simple.

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2. Eat2Explore

Eat2Explore is the perfect meal kit for the whole family. Not only will it allow you to prepare a variety of authentic cuisine from around the world, it also comes with information and trinkets about the country the meal is from. It's a great way to learn more about the world around you while stuck inside.

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3. Gigamunch

Gigamunch comes with an entree, two sides, and a dessert in every kit they deliver. The best part is, you don't really have to cook it. And, each meal is created by local immigrants in the Nashville area.

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4. Gobble

For the individual who doesn't like to fuss much over cooking, Gobble is for you. This kit has their chefs do most of the tedious work for you, so that when it arrives, you can cook your meal in 15 minutes. A dream come true!

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5. Global Belly

Global Belly isn't as worldly as the other meal kits on this list, but that doesn't make it any less noteworthy. Featuring Thai and Indian recipes, these kits are perfect for those who know what they want. If you could eat these cuisines for the rest of your life, you're set with Global Belly.

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If you want to do a little bit more of the work yourself, check out THESE cookbooks that'll introduce you to a variety of international cuisine.

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