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WindowSwap Allows You to View the World Through Windows

Getting tired of staring out the same window day in and day out of quarantine? Do you wish you were looking out a window onto a balcony in Greece or field in Italy? Want to flip between widows in an instant? Well, we hope you're sitting down, because we have quite the solution for you.

Allow us to introduce you to WIndowSwap. This revolutionary website gives you the chance to "open a new window somewhere in the world."

From the beaches of Honolulu to the cliffs of Switzerland, you can filter through windows all over the world. And let us tell you, every view is better than the last.

Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, husband and wife, created this magical website, serving as an escape during these isolating times. While many of us don't have the opportunity to travel, we can do so virtually through WindowSwap.

There are a number of windows you can filter through, too, so feel free to let yourself explore. Don't get caught up on one window for too long. There's a great big world of windows ready for you to stare out of. Are you ready to explore?

Windows aren't the only thing you can virtually enjoy online. Plenty of museums are offering free virtual tours. Check out a list of some of our favorites HERE!

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