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There's No Better Time to Travel Than in Your 20s

Finding the right time to take a trip is easier said than done.

Between needing to take time off work and saving up enough to fully enjoy yourself, there are so many factors you need to take into consideration when wanting to travel. And this gets increasingly more difficult with age.

Even though you may assume waiting until later in life to see the world is the way to go, there's no better time to travel than in your 20s.

This time in your life is all about you, so it's up to you to make the most of it. If you need a little extra push, below are six reasons why your 20s is the best time to travel!

Black woman wearing a tan sun hat and black off-the-shoulder dress smiling while posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

1. Your 20s Are Your Selfish Years

As previously stated, this time in your life is about you and you alone. Often, this is a very tumultuous time period where things seem all up in the air. You went from being a child who relied heavily on their parents to now needing to provide for yourself. Welcome to adulthood, it's going to be a bumpy ride. So during this transformational period, when you're trying to figure out what you want out of life, make the most of the uncertainty and see the world. When you do so, you'll open your eyes to exciting people, places, and perspectives that you wouldn't have otherwise connected with had you not flown to some far off land. Doing this also helps you find you. You'll gain deeper insight into what to do with your life, and figuring that out is what your 20s is all about.

2. You Have Less Responsibilities

When we get older, more tends to be piled onto our plates. We have to worry about our job, family, relationships, finances, health, the list goes on and on. During your 20s, a lot of that doesn't apply to you. You're not concerned with paying your mortgage, working on your marriage, or remembering to file for health insurance. Those are issues to be dealt with during your 30s and 40s, so use your 20s to take advantage of the very few responsibilities you have.

Woman wearing white bikini set lying on white and brown unicorn inflatable float in the middle of a green body of water

3. You Feel Fearless

You truly believe the world is your oyster when you're in your 20s. You have all this freedom that you want to take advantage of and you're not scared to do so. The world feels as though it is open to you, so the best way to act on those feelings is through exploration. Reservations and self-doubt don't hold you back as much when you're in your 20s, compared to your later years. You're more willing to take the leap and do something exciting like book a one-way ticket to Bermuda and hope for the best.

4. You're More Open to Trying New Things

In your 20s, you're willing to try anything and everything. You're not as likely to commit to doing something a particular way, but rather, are ready to open yourself up to new and exciting ways of life. As noted in the above point, you want to soak in all the world has to offer you. This means you won't hesitate to stay in a hostel or take a train ride from one country to the next. You're less worried about living the lush life and all about enjoying new experiences in a unique way. The same can't be said as we tack on the years and become more set in our ways. Sharing a room with 10 other people for $10 a night doesn't sound so bad in your 20s, though it seems like a nightmare in your 40s.

Woman holding coconut with straw while wearing a shirt that says "Cool girls always have fun"

5. You'll Know What You're Capable Of

Traveling, whether it be solo or with a group, really shows you what you're capable of. You'll be tested in so many ways as you venture around the globe, which reminds you of the potential you have. We often shrink ourselves and forget that we are capable of more than we know. Traveling in your 20s is a true testament to this and will only help you achieve your fullest potential as you continue to grow.

6. You'll Regret Not Traveling Later in Life

Traveling isn't something most people regret, it's not traveling that has people disheartened. Again, with age comes more restrictions. So when you finally feel like you're ready to explore the world, it could be too late. It's so much better to hope on the travel train while you're still young and have so much life left to live. You don't want to be 80 years old wishing you had backpacked through Europe, do you? You want to reminisce about those times at that age, not feel as though you missed out on some incredible experiences.

Woman riding kayak at the middle of the sea

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