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Here's Why Every Woman Should Travel Solo at Least Once in Their Life

Traveling solo is an opportunity few too many women take advantage of.

While there is strength in numbers, there is so much power in being a single person on the adventure of a lifetime. You learn so much about yourself when you dare to step outside your comfort zone and jet set across the globe.

Every woman should travel solo at least once in her life. Below are a handful of reasons why!

Woman facing body of water and mountainscape

You Discover Who You Are

The journey of self-discovery is more expansive than we know. We hope that we can find ourselves by following the same mundane routine day in and day out, but that's not how it works. In order to find yourself, you have to get a little bit lost first, and that's where traveling solo comes in handy.

You're exposed to things you wouldn't otherwise be presented while sitting at a desk all day. This allows you to gain deeper insight as to what you really want out of life. We're all taught to believe we need a typical 9-to-5 job, a perfect family, a stunning house, and other materialistic treasures. Not everyone wants that though, so if you allow yourself to roam this world free of these restrictions, you'll discover what you truly want out of life for yourself.

You Learn to Rely on Yourself More

When you're trotting around the globe on your own, you quickly learn how important it is to be self-reliant. There's no one you can turn to when the going gets tough, so you better find a way to get going. Though it sounds intimidating, sometimes we need that intense shift to remind us how capable we truly are. We'll never discover our true potential until we push ourself out of our comfort zones. Traveling solo makes that all possible.

Woman standing on brown sand under blue sky during daytime

You Gain a Major Boost in Confidence

There really is nothing more empowering than traveling all by yourself as a female. It's truly an invigorating experience you'll never regret, especially because it offers a tremendous boost to your confidence. Self-doubt is something we all often struggle with as women. The world loves to tell us we aren't good enough to do this or that, and we end up believing it. Once you cast all those negative emotions aside and find yourself venturing into the great unknown alone, you'll quickly be reminded you're a badass who can do anything they set their mind to.

You Get to Be the One in the Driver's Seat

While traveling with friends and family is a load of fun, it can also be a lot to balance everyone's wants and needs during a particular trip. When it's just you out on the open road, you get to call the shots. Sure, you can't control everything, but you have the opportunity to dictate what you do or don't do on any given adventure. The choice is yours, so make the best decision for yourself.

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You Open Yourself Up to New People and Places

We all get wrapped up in the same daily routine that we forget there's a great, big world out there waiting to be explored. Traveling, in general, allows you to see new places and meet fascinating people, but traveling solo pushes you to make those discoveries and connections on a deeper level.

Though traveling solo gives you a stronger appreciation for alone time, you also want to meet like-minded individuals while you're traveling on your own. And that is absolutely something that's easy to do. You'll be surprised how many friendships you forge on your next solo adventure.

Your solo trip is approaching faster than you think. Why? Well, because 2020 is your year to travel.

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