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Why Your First Post-Coronavirus Adventure Should Be a Road Trip

We have been itching to take a trip since the moment self-isolation began. What can we say? We're travelers after all.

While we'd love to jet set off to Paris or embark on a month-long cruise after all is said and done, we believe a road trip is really the way to go.

So once the travel ban is lifted, we'll be ready to hit the open road. Here's why you should be, too!

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Road Trips Can Be Less Expensive

Compared to other forms of travel, a road trip can lean on the less expensive side. This of course depends on the type of road trip you take, where you stay, and what you eat, but for the most part, a two-day road trip isn't going to cost as near as much as a four-day oversees excursion.

What's even better, is you don't really have to plan on saving up for a road trip. For other trips, you do. For a road trip, if you have the money, you can basically leave whenever you'd like to get out of town. This brings us to our next point.

You're More in Control of the Trip

With a road trip, you're basically in control of it all. That's not to say you aren't in control of any other sort of vacation, you just have a little bit more hold on the reigns. You get to decide when you leave, where you go, how you get there, and so much more. Need to eat? You can stop? Have to use the restroom? Go ahead, take a stop. Want to explore a small down you came across? You absolutely should!

Whether you want to extend your trip or cut it short, the choice really is yours. And it's easier to make than if you were traveling internationally. Adding even just an extra day to your holiday can be more costly than you'd like, though that's usually not the case with a road trip.

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They Allow You to See More

Even if the road trip you embark on is only for a long weekend, you get to see all sorts of roadside attractions you otherwise wouldn't have encountered on a more lavish vacation. Again, you have the freedom to stop whenever something catches your eye. Heck, you can even plan to see as many things on your drive to your destination, if you really want to. We prefer to be surprised, but sometimes it's nice to have it all figured out before you embark. Though not knowing is also a ton of fun.

It's a Great Way to Bond with Friends and Family

Some of us aren't the lucky ones who are able to quarantine with our friends and family. We may be alone or with roommates we're not too crazy about. Chances are you'll want to spend as much time post-quarantine with your friends and family as possible, so a road trip offers the perfect bonding experience.

There's nothing better than hitting the open road with your closest friends or loved ones and just exploring your city on an entirely new level. Plus, the more people you bring, the less expensive it is for everyone. It may be a bit crowded, but it's totally worth it.

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You'll Impress Yourself

As with any sort of travel, road trips can teach you a lot about yourself. You have to trust yourself and know you'll be able to handle whatever gets thrown your way. If anything, you'll really grow closer to yourself and your loved ones. You'll get to see what you are capable of, which is a lot more than you may know. So go on that post-coronavirus road trip and impress yourself at the very least!

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