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2020 Is Your Year to Travel—Here's Why

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, traveling more is a common one for most people. Apart from eating healthy and exercising regularly, many of us go into the new year in hopes of seeing every corner of the globe.

With work, relationships, and everything life throws our way, that doesn't always happen. We may take a trip or two, but giving ourselves permission to jet set around the world is easier said than done.

Not this year, however. The start of the new decade is the best time to travel for yourself and no one else. If you need a little extra convincing, we have a few reasons why 2020 is your year to travel.

Blonde-haired woman wearing a straw hat and looking up at hot hair balloons in the desert

2020 Is the Year of New Beginnings

Bring on the year of the Rat! To be specific, the Metal Rat. No, we're not talking about some bionic rodent, but rather a new season of the Chinese zodiac. The year of the Metal Rat specifically points out new beginnings and renewal. What better way to fully immerse yourself in this energy than by traveling somewhere you've always wanted to go? That fresh start you've been seeking is right around the corner. Do you hear it calling?

It's a Great Way to Ring in the New Decade

As we usher in the year of new beginnings, we also kickstart a new decade. So, we're all starting off with a completely clean slate. Taking a trip, even if it is just for a weekend, will start you out on the path to personal freedom. Traveling offers so many amazing benefits that to pass up the opportunity to explore the farthest reaches of the globe would have you kicking yourself in the pants. Remember when you made a promise to travel more all those years ago? It's time to finally deliver.

Woman walking up her steps to her front door with gray rollaway luggage by her side

Budgeting for Trips Has Never Been Easier

One of the more difficult aspects of traveling is budgeting, though it is arguably the most important. There's no trip if there is no funding. Thankfully, with plenty of help from technology, there are plenty of apps that help you better budget for any and every trip you plan on taking this year. One of our personal favorites is the Qapital app. Designed to help you plan for the future while being protected for the now, this makes saving for trips easier than ever before. Sign up here!

Traveling Helps You Get in Touch With Yourself

More often than not, we're called to put everyone else's needs above our own. It's in no way a bad thing to be selfless, but sometimes you need to be a little selfish. When you're run down and burnt out, traveling can help you find that spark to keep going. You experience a whole different facet of yourself, one you won't be introduced to doing mundane daily tasks. To experience all the world has to offer is to experience yourself. It's never too late to find out who you really are.

Woman sticking her head out of the window while in the passenger side of the car

You Deserve a Break

Yes, you do. Last year was a tough year for so many of us, that starting off 2020 with a quick trip somewhere new will give you the inspiration you've been hoping for. There's nothing wrong with stepping away from your daily tasks to take some time to yourself. You have earned it, so don't convince yourself otherwise. Book that trip right now and get ready for a stimulating year.

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