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Here's What You Can Expect Travel to Be Like Post-Coronavirus

As we sit inside all day during quarantine, the only travel we're doing is going from the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom.

All trips and vacations have been canceled across the globe, with flights being almost entirely grounded at this point.

Even though we're al trapped inside, we're likely all dreaming of the day when we're told it's safe to fly around the globe again. We may not be able to go on a vacation, but we weren't advised against planning one post-coronavirus.

Any trip taken after the pandemic probably won't be what's expected. Things are going to be a tad bit different post-coronavirus, but have no fear, it's all for the better.

Keep reading to discover what you can expect travel to be like post-coronavirus.

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What Will Travel Be Like After the Coronavirus?

The travel industry has no doubt taken a hit during these isolating times, though it will surely bounce back once we get the go ahead to leave our quarantine and explore the great big world out there.

Because we're all cooped up indoors until the foreseeable future, we'll be ready to hit the open road and venture into the great unknown once we can. We are already looking forward to plenty of small trips when this is all said and done.

There's no set date as to when we'll be able to travel again, so that leaves a few things up in the air. If you want to chance it and plan a trip for April or May, be sure to purchase travel insurance in case we're still on lockdown. And if you're booking travel with a credit card that offers trip delay and cancellation insurance, then you can contact the card issuer for a claim to be reimbursed for your flight. Learn more about travel credit cards here.

One thing's for certain, plenty of places will be offering deals and discounts to boost their tourism economy once they're given the all clear signal.

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Will Traveling Be More Expensive?

A lot of money will be lost during these times for the travel industry. However, that doesn't necessarily mean traveling will be more expensive.

Because so many places will want to recoup tourism revenue, they'll offer plenty of incentives to get you to visit. This could look like hotel rooms including free meals with stays, taking on attraction tickets, and more.

Everywhere you look, there will be plenty of deals to make your next excursion a little bit lighter on your wallet. Travel experts advise that you look more into the value of a deal. Discounts are nice, but you want to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. With plenty of high-value travel packages likely to be available, those should be where you spend most of your money.

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Will Airline Tickets Skyrocket?

Apart from general travel, everyone is probably wondering if the cost of a flight will see a dramatic increase. Currently, they're ridiculously cheap. If you want to take advantage of that, we say book a trip for April with travel insurance. Things could be better by then, but they also could get worse. Nothing is certain in these trying times.

So once we can travel, will flight prices go up? We don't think so. Airlines will want to recover from the major loss in sales, so they'll need some sort of incentive to get people to fly. And increasing the cost of tickets isn't going to draw people in.

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How Will People Travel?

Given the current state of the world, it's very likely traveling will be a lot different once we're allowed to roam free.

Opting for lavish out-of-the-country vacations won't be an option for many, though quick, local trips will be. Road trips may be the way most people travel post-corona, though some domestic flying may also happen.

International travel may not be as much of a draw, though we could see a boom in that.

If you're trying to figure out where to go after the quarantine is over, we suggest taking a long weekend in the next major city over. Maybe keep things somewhat local for a bit, then work your way up to a major holiday.

Who knows, Camping could even be the next vacation trend?

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With all that being said, even though you aren't able to physically travel, HERE'S how you can enjoy a virtual vacation!

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