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How Travel Improves Your Mental Health and Makes You a Better Person

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Travel is good for the soul.

You've likely heard that phrase uttered more than once in your life. But as cliché as it may sound, it's true. There's no denying the emotional and physical benefits travel has to offer, feeding the mind, body, and soul.

Venturing around the globe immensely improves your mental health, making you a better person in the process. Below, you'll find five reasons why. Read up and get ready to plan your next trip—once the pandemic is over, of course.

Black curly haired woman smiling while holding the hand of her significant other for a travel photo

It Boosts Creativity

We are all creative in our own ways. Some of us grew up believing that because we aren't artistic or theatrical, we aren't creative. That is simply not the case. And traveling will remind you of that. It forces you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to try new things.

For many, we have to be creative in the ways we spend money and get around, especially if we're backpacking our way across a destination. Even in deciding our diets, we have to be creative. You may not think it, but you will notice it.

It Reduces Stress

Travel is one of the greatest relievers of stress there is. It's not always easy for everyone to do, but how many of us have returned from a trip feeling completely relaxed and refreshed? Exactly.

We often have so much going on in our daily lives. From our job to our relationships, there's a lot to take on that can cause unnecessary stress. So when we're able to step away from that and venture outside of what makes us overwhelmed, we feel that stress melt away.

It Enhances Resilience

As exciting as travel is, it is also incredibly intimidating. No matter how ready you are to explore a new place, you never really know what to expect. Because you are pushed so far out of your comfort zone, you quickly learn what you're made of. This makes you a more resilient individual at the end of the day. When you can survive the great unknown, you can survive anything.

It Strengthens Relationships

The ultimate relationship test lies in taking a trip together. You really get to see each other in an entirely new light. When you're off exploring the world, you're not the same person you are at home. Seeing these new sides of each other can strengthen your bond immensely. It can even be a testament as to how much you're willing to put up with one another.

It Improves Happiness

Traveling makes you happy. And happy people enjoy life a whole lot more. Sure, there are so many factors that can lead to us feeling down and out, but travel is not one of them. Even when trips have gone awry, you've likely cherished every bit of it.

Again, travel takes you out of the mundane and leaves you where you want to be. When you're off on an adventure, you essentially get to write the rules and decide how your day goes. That isn't always the case in the real world. When you're given that freedom, you thrive mentally and physically.

With all that being said, here's our Resources page for you to surf through a plethora of tips on how to travel better and travel more!

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