• Ashley Locke

7 Creative Ways to Display Your Travel Souvenirs

We've been taking the time to organize our space a bit more and realized we have a ton of travel souvenirs hidden away in drawers and closets that deserve to be displayed.

So, we did what anyone would do, we searched for creative ways to show them off.

Keep reading to discover what we found!

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1. Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are a great way to display a number of souvenirs from your trip. No matter how big or small, they can fit in a shadow box. You can organize it by location, year, or however you think will work best. It's always a fun way to get creative while you're trapped inside.

2. Memory Box

A memory box is somewhat similar to a shadow box, except that you don't really need to decorate much. While a shadow box displays everything, a memory box is more about storage. All you really see is the outside, so that's where you can get artsy. The inside can be a disaster, so long as it holds your souvenirs.

3. Vision Board

Chances are you have a lot of photos and postcards from your trip, as those are some of the easiest souvenirs to collect. Why not create an adorable vision board with them? You can even use these types of souvenirs as a starting off point for future trips. Let them serve as an inspiration.

4. Curio Cabinet

For larger souvenirs, a curio cabinet is the way to go. You can build one yourself or purchase one online, once you've figured out how much space you have for one. The nice thing is you can use it exclusively for your souvenirs, so everyone will quickly know you're quite the world traveler once they see it.

5. Photo Collage

Again, you probably have a ton of photos from your journeys. Yes, those still count as souvenirs. Pick out your favorites and create a collage with them. There's no wrong way to make one, so let your creativity flourish.

6. Travel Journal

Even if you've already been on your trip, you can still start a travel journal. Reminisce about your time spent on your adventures and either write it down or draw it out. You can even keep photos, postcards, stickers, and more in your journal.

7. Adventure Scrapbook

Adventure scrapbooks are often overlooked, as we can keep our photos on our phones. But, they're such a fun way to relive your favorite adventures. You can get all kinds of creative with a scrapbook, so have at it!

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