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Now's the Perfect Time for a Virtual Vacation—Here's How to Enjoy One

Coronavirus has all but destroyed everyone's travel plans.

While these restrictions are necessary, being cooped up at home all day away from the outside world can take a toll on many of us.

This is why there has been no better time to take a virtual vacation (especially given March 30 is National Virtual Vacation Day). From the comfort of your own home, you can experience an adventure for the books without worrying about getting yourself or others sick.

Keep scrolling to get acquainted with a virtual vacation and discover how to plan one!

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What Is a Virtual Vacation?

A virtual vacation is exactly what it sounds like—a vacation that doesn't require you to leave the privacy of your dwellings to visit anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

Though some people assume virtual vacations all require fancy virtual reality technology, that is simply not the case. There are a number of accessible and manageable ways to enjoy a virtual vacation, so don't buy a VR headset just yet.

Even if you're working from home, you can experience a virtual vacation. And the beauty of it all is you don't have to use your sick days or paid time off to do so.

How Can I Experience a Virtual Vacation?

As mentioned, you can enjoy a virtual vacation any which way you like. Though they've been around for a few years, the technology has only gotten better, making virtual vacations seem even more real.

Here are a few ways to kick off your virtual vacation:

Check Out Ascape

Ascape proudly claims to be the "No. 1 travel agency for virtual reality trips." Using VR technology, they've culminated quite the catalog of 360° videos from destinations around the world. Anywhere you want to visit, Ascape will be your escape.

Download the Qantas VR App

Always wanted to see the very best Australia has to offer? Qantas Airlines has made that possible for anyone with a smart phone. When you download their VR app, you'll have the ability to experience some of Australia's most beautiful scenery.

Virtually Tour a Museum

When it comes to vacations, do you prefer to check out museums? You're in luck, as there are a ton of museums that offer virtual tours. Whether you want to stroll the halls of the Louvre or experience every inch of the Guggenheim Museum, museums everywhere are virtually opening their doors to you.

Search Virtual Vacations on YouTube

There are a number of virtual vacation videos waiting for you to watch them during these isolating times. You can be on a beach in Jamaica, then head out on a Safari in Africa. If you want to see every inch of Sri Lanka, even that's a possibility. Get creative with your searches and visit places you never thought possible—virtually, of course.

Scroll Through Travel Instagram Accounts

This is less of a virtual reality vacation and more of you using your imagination to place yourself in the scenic shots travel Instagram accounts have posted. This could give you FOMO, so we recommend using it as inspiration for your next trip. Save every post that strikes something in you, then when it's safe to travel again, get to planning you next big trip!

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