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Uber Requires Riders Share a Selfie in Their Mask Before Getting Into Car

On May 18, Uber implemented their "No Mask No Ride" policy, which required both drivers and passengers to wear a mask at all times. The initiative required drivers to verify they were wearing a mask before picking up riders.

Uber driver in the car driving a passenger

But just because drivers are required to wear masks, doesn't mean passengers have been following suit. Plenty of drivers have reported passengers who have been hopping into their cars sans a mask.

Most riders have been compliant and wearing their masks (as they should), though there have been a select few that haven't. Uber has now required riders who have previously been reported for not wearing a mask to take a selfie with their mask before their ride is accepted.

Sachin Kansal, the global head of safety and driver product at Uber, told Travel + Leisure, "We require all Uber users to wear a mask when driving, riding, or delivering. That's why we're introducing this new mask verification feature into the rider app this month. We believe it will add another layer of safety and hope this new feature empowers drivers - their feedback can help keep the platform safe for everyone."

The new feature will roll out within the next few weeks.

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