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13 Zoom Backgrounds to Make It Look Like You're in Paradise During Your Next Meeting

Zoom is booming right now.

The online meeting platform is experiencing some well-deserved time in the spotlight after everyone has been ordered to stay home. Even in the midst of a pandemic, meetings don't stop.

One feature of the service people can't seem to get enough of is the virtual background. While there are already a few options available, Zoom allows users to create their own. And that's exactly what we did for you.

Scroll through our travel-inspired Zoom backgrounds to find the one that best suits you!

1. Cliffside of Sicily

This striking landscape of the Mediterranean island will have you feeling a lot less trapped with its clear skies and blue waters.

Cliffside of Sicily

2. California Poppy Field

Who doesn't want to waste their life away in a California Poppy field? We know we'd be happy doing just that.

landscape photography of orange flower field

3. Hobbiton

Bring the iconic world of Lord of the Rings to the comfort of your own home with this sweet Hobbiton background.

Shot of Hbbiton home from New Zealand

4. Northern Lights Overhead

The Northern Lights are truly a sight to see. Maybe everyone will get so distracted by them that you end up not ever having your meeting. Wouldn't that be a treat?

silhouette of trees near Aurora Borealis at night

5. Antelope Canyon

You've likely seen these gorgeous rocks all over Instagram. Now, you can be there... virtually, of course.

Inside of Antelope Canyon

6. Ooh Aah Point at the Grand Canyon

You'll surely get plenty of "oohs" and "aahs" with this overlook as your Zoom background.

brown wooden cross on brown rock formation during daytime

7. Eiffel Tower

Admit it, you wish you were staring up at the Eiffel Tower right now with your significant other.

Eiffel Tower at Paris, France

8. Taj Mahal

From Paris to India, perhaps the Taj Mahal is more your style? While you're there, you might want to tell those people to be a little bit better at social distancing.

9. Lush Forrest

Prefer more secluded backdrops? This green forrest is perfect for you.

photography of forest at daytime

10. Crystal Clear Beach

More of a beach person? You'll appreciate this serene beach landscape.

11. Rainbow Over Grassy Greens

We don't know where in the world this was taken, but we do know this is one soothing background for these trying times.

Rainbow over grassy green fields

12. Mount Fuji Featuring Cherry Blossoms

Does it get any more scenic than Mount Fuji and some cherry blossoms? We don't think so.

cherry blossom distance with Mount Fuji, Japan

13. Under the Sea

Life is the bubbles under the sea, and that is exactly why we wish we were a fish right about now.

school of fish in body of water

Want to take this virtual escape one step further? HERE'S how to plan your very own virtual vacation!

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