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Follow These Travel TikTok Accounts to Learn the Best Travel Hacks

There's no shortage of TikTok accounts to follow. And that applies to travel TikTok accounts, too.

Because you're likely spending plenty of time on the app, we thought we'd share the best travel accounts to follow for the ultimate tips and tricks.

Keep scrolling to discover which accounts you need to follow ASAP!

1. @dandelion_wind

This account follows a flight attendant who gives you all the hacks on how to improve your travel. Every question you've ever had about traveling, this account will be there to answer it.

2. @danitheexplorer

If you've ever thought of becoming a vanlifer, then this is the TikTok account you must follow. They detail every step of their process, so you'll be ready to start your own vanlifer experience after watching their TikToks.

3. @kristinacors

You'll discover plenty of hidden gems all across the globe from this user's TikToks. Many of these places aren't even discussed on more mainstream travel sites. From watching a few of these TikToks, you'll be ready to travel the world.

4. @worldnomac

This user has a slew of travel hacks that will save you plenty of time and money when booking your next trip. You'll discover everything from which destinations to visit to the best travel apps to have on your phone.

5. @professionaltraveler

You'll be well on your way to becoming a professional traveler of your own once you start following this travel TikTok account. Name a problem, they have an answer.

6. @itsagracebigworld

Looking for the ultimate hotel hacks? This user has you covered. From hotel hacks to the most luxurious hotels to stay in, you'll find what you're looking for in these TikToks.

7. @riotravelers

This duo is one of the cutest travel couples on TikTok. Even better, they offer some tips and tricks to make your next trip even more enjoyable. Seriously, the content never stops with these two.

Still need some more travel inspiration on your social media feed? Check out THESE travel influencers you should follow on Instagram!

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