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Bring Adventure to Your Doorstep With These Travel Subscription Boxes

Having a tough time being cooped up in quarantine? Are you itching to travel to world and experience all it has to offer?

Though that can't quite happen just yet, there are ways to bring the world to you. One way is signing up for a travel-based subscription box.

We even found the best ones money can buy, so you don't have to do all the work. Scroll below to check 'em out!

1. Jetsetter Chic

Jetsetter Chic is for, well, the ultimate jet-setter. This monthly subscription service comes packed with TSA-compliant must-have travel necessities, such as lip balm, probiotics, face masks, and more. Even though you may not be doing a ton of traveling these days, these products are the perfect thing to pamper yourself with while in quarantine. You can even pack them in your toiletries bag and pretend like you're heading out on vacation, even if it's just from your bedroom to the living room.

Subscribe to the box here!

Jetsetter Chic travel subscription box

2. The Wordy Traveler

A quarterly book-based subscription box, this is perfect for the traveler that loves to read. The box is themed around a various region each quarter and comes with three books, ethically-sourced tea, and a custom art print to transport you to the location in no time. We can't forget to mention that each book gives back to help women and children around the world receive the education they deserve. What's better than that?

Subscribe to the box here!

The Wordy Traveler subscription box

3. The Wanderlust

Courtesy of, The Wanderlust will be shipped to your front door every three months. In it, you can expect to find over $250 worth of beauty, style, travel, and fitness essentials. The best part is the boxes are themed around iconic beach locations across the globe, so you can bring the sun and sand to you.

Subscribe to the box here!

The Wanderlust travel subscription box from

4. Explore Local Box

This monthly subscription lets you venture throughout America by way of local products and food. Each month's box is based on a specific city in the U.S., so you'll receive only products you can find in said city. It has truly never been easier to discover all the grand ol' US of A has to offer.

Subscribe to the box here!

Portland, Oregon box from Explore Local Box

5. Try the World

Another food-based box, Try the World takes you around the world through their curated selection of gourmet goods. You'll be able to make a variety of delicious worldly meals you never imagined with help from this box.

Subscribe to the box here!

Try the World travel subscription box

6. Vacation Crate

Essentially a vacation in a box, Vacation Crate delivers eight to 10 items that'll transport you to a tropical oasis. Curated for relaxation and a splash of adventure, it's the perfect monthly box to subscribe to during quarantine. You know you deserve it!

Subscribe to the box here!

Vacation Crate travel subscription box

7. GlobeIn

We love a company that does some good, which is why we included GlobeIn on this list. Their monthly boxes filled with artisan goods are amazing, don't get us wrong, but it's what they do that makes them worth subscribing to. They've partnered with over 10,000 local artisans from over 50 countries, which has allowed for $3.5 million invested into artisan communities.

Subscribe to the box here!

GlobeIn travel subscription box

8. Wanderpak

Packing for excursions is not the most fun part of travel, but it has to be done. Thankfully, Wanderpak exists to do most of the work for you. Though you may not be taking a trip anytime soon, you can still prepare for it with Wanderpak. Simply enter your location and the company will send you a box curated around your type of trip.

Subscribe to the box here!

Wanderpak travel subscription box

Hoping to travel around the world from the privacy of your own home? We suggest purchasing one of THESE worldly cookbooks!

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