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20 Travel Instagram Accounts That'll Have You Feeling Like You're Exploring the World

Sitting indoors all day means plenty of time to scroll through Instagram.

This can obviously get boring after one too many scrolls, so we wanted to make sure you were following the right accounts during these trying times.

If you want to jet set across the world while cooped up inside, following these 20 travel Instagram accounts will help you do just that. Check them all out below!

1. @theblondeabroad

The Blonde Abroad is one of our favorite travel bloggers. Her Instagram posts are also incredible. Every photo will have you feeling like you're off on her adventures with her.

2. @voyagefox_

With her ethereal imagery, this travel blogger from Germany captures some seriously stunning shots. For the ultimate escapist, this is the account to follow.

3. @zebranostripes

Need an extra pop of color on your feed? Following this travel Instagrammer will help solve that problem. Every post draws you in with its bright hues and warm vibes.

4. @passionwithapassport

If you need a little extra push to pursue your passion, following this travel blogger will help you take that leap of faith. Uplifting and inspiring, you'll be ready to quit your desk job to travel the world upon seeing her posts on your feed.

5. @rachtheradiance

To say the posts from this account are radiant would be an understatement. They draw you in just like that. Next thing you know, you're off mentally visiting wherever the photo was taken.

6. @samanthas_suitcase

Step inside a world of romance and wanderlust when you follow this traveler. She'll take you on some incredible journeys through photos, so have your passport handy.

7. @throughkelseyslens

Nestled among plenty of gorgeous travel photos, you'll find some mouthwatering food posts. This account is truly a feast in more ways than one.

8. @passportofmemories

You'll feel like you're seeing yourself in these posts from @passportofmemories. She's everywhere you want to be.

9. @theingdex

Oh the places this account goes and will take you along for the ride. Get ready to enjoy some hidden gems you likely haven't seen on any other account.

10. @fola.shade

Did you order an extra bit of sunshine for your feed? With the positive posts this account shares, a smile will instantly appear on your face.

11. @girlgoneabroad

You'll be ready to do some solo traveling of your own after seeing the posts from this account. It can seem intimidating, but she'll prepare you.

12. @themissmiles

Not only does this account offer some peaceful pictures for your feed, there are plenty of travel hacks offered as well. And who doesn't love a good travel hack?

13. @parisverra

A full-on fantasy, this account posts images that look as if they're straight out of a fairytale. You'll be saving all of them for your travel inspiration.

14. @kasia_traveltheworld

Simply put, these photos are magical. You won't find another account that posts pictures as stunning as this account.

15. @dwanderess

Full of sunsets, adventure, and cocktails, this account will inspire you to explore the world around you one colorful post at a time.

16. @queenofvacay

This queen of vacationing will have you just about ready to hop on a plane with no destination just to snap some photos as stunning as hers.

17. @suitcaseandi

This Aussie travel writer and photographer has explored just about every inch of the globe, so she'll take you on quite the journey from the comfort of your own home.


This traveler dares to push herself as far as she can go with her various trips, inspiring all of her followers to do the very same. Test your limits, even if it's vicariously through this account for now.

19. @eyeofshe

This adventurous account is all about conscious travel, so expect plenty of tips on how to be a more eco-friendly traveler yourself.

20. @globetrottergirls

While some accounts edit posts to be truly picture-perfect, this account is all about keeping things real. Each shot paints a more realistic picture of what you can expect from various countries.

Apart from scrolling through these travel Instagram accounts, HERE are a few other ways to enjoy a virtual vacation during these self-isolating times.

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