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5 Travel Budget Apps You Need to Download Right Now

No one is traveling right now.

We're all stuck inside, doing our very best to not go stir-crazy and get cabin fever in the process, while attempting to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Times are tough, but we can always use it to plan for a better tomorrow. Given we're likely not spending too much money on things other than bills and food, there's not better time to budget for the trip you'll likely be taking post-coronavirus.

To help you out, we rounded up seven of the best travel budget apps. Check them all out below!

1. Goodbudget

The ultimate budgeting app, Goodbudget makes sure all of your finances are in order in one place. Using an envelope system, this app allows you to put your money in virtual envelops and spend from those envelops for various bills. For example, what you put in your rent envelope will go towards your rent. So when you create a trip envelop, all the money you save will be safely stored there and used when you're ready to jet set off to Paris.

Download it from the app store here!

2. Spendee

When it comes to spending money, it's easy to feel as if you have no control over your habits. You have to pay rent, insurance, bills, food, etc. With all that, it's easy to feel as though budgeting is a lost cause. Spendee understands that, which is why they make it incredibly easy for you to budget for everyday expenses and for things like big trips. Plus, they operate in multiple currencies, which comes in handy when you're finally traveling.

Download it from the app store here!

3. Trip Expense Manager

A solely travel-based budget app, Trip Expense Manager helps you plan any and every trip under the sun. Whether it's a simple road trip or a full-blown European vacation, you can use this app to your advantage before, during, and after your adventures. One of our favorite features is the ability to create a travel wish list. You can write down everywhere you've ever wanted to go, then start budgeting for them accordingly.

Download it from the app store here!

4. Tripcoin

Tripcoin is really great at helping you keep better track of your travel budget during your trip. You can also add as many trips as you want, which always comes in handy. Their detailed reports will show you exactly what you're spending your money on, so you won't be left guessing where your budget went. It works without internet, which really comes in handy.

Download it from the app store here!

5. Mint

Mint has been recommended by many frequent travelers. It can link your credit cards, bank accounts, and investments to keep things easy. As with many budget apps, it does its job at helping you make sense of your spending habits without the headache.

Download it from the app store here!

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