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Top 5 Underrated and Secluded Greek Islands

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Underrated Greek Islands You Must Visit

So you want to visit Greece, but you also want to go on a unique vacation where you won’t bump shoulders with crowds and crowds of tourists? Thankfully, you can! Read about these underrated Greek Islands where you will find slower-paced atmospheres that offer a more authentic and local Greek vibe.

In addition to their secluded locations, these islands offer affordable and fulfilling vacations that won’t break the bank. Skip the crowds in Santorini and Mykonos, and explore these charming isles instead.

When to travel

Mid-August - early October

Late April - early June

Kefalonia Cephalonia

Unlike many of Greece’s popular islands, this gorgeous little island is located to the west of the mainland in the Ionian Sea. Here, you will find pristine and crystal clear waters along rugged landscapes with breathtaking and secluded beaches, especially in the off-peak travel season (March - May & September - October). This island is also home to THE longest overwater stone bridge in all of Europe, which is set along the gorgeous main town of Argostolion. Let the calming sea caves, azure waters, and delicious tavernas do all the talking.

Zakynthos Zante

Zakynthos is best known for its world-famous Shipwreck or Navagio beach, an exposed cove that is in fact home to a true ship that wrecked along the shore in 1980. The island has far more to offer than the beach, including unreal swimming alcoves in nearly every direction, true Greek locals, as well as a vibrant night life in Laganas. Not only is this island outrageously inexpensive, it also offers a truly dynamic and fulfilling adventure. Hire a 4x4 Quad or car and discover the entire island in merely one day’s journey.


Located in the Southern part of the Aegean Sea, Naxos is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades. Consider this lush and fertile isle for your next Greek escapade! Offering adventurous activities including sailing, horseback riding, cycling, kite surfing and scuba diving, Naxos will undoubtedly satisfy any travelers yearning for adventure. In addition to its sporty atmosphere, Naxos also offers an enriching history with museums, archaeological sites that date far back into the 13th century, and picturesque hilltop villages.

Ikaria Icaria

Escape to the soulful and enlightening island of Ikaria, where the inhabitants are known to have extraordinary lifespans. The longevity of this island is no longer a mystery, but a well-known reality set along a remote paradise in the Aegean Sea. Age-old customs and a fresh Mediterranean diet allow these inhabitants to live youthful and fulfilling lives in a garden-fresh atmosphere. Ikaria also offers relaxing beaches, retreats, hiking, gorgeous wineries, dainty villages, and of course, delicious Greek food.


Unwind and retreat to the rustic island of Hydra, where donkeys and mules are the main mode of transportation, especially since automobiles are completely prohibited. Here, you can journey back in time to a truly wondrous and remote atmosphere. Travelers are attracted to the local stone architecture, charming villages, elaborate relics and ancient archives, in addition to its azure and idyllic beaches. You can also expect fresh cuisine at traditional tavernas, unique village festivals, and an enchanting history that transports you to ancient Greece.


Shoestring Daily Budget

Lodging: $35 - $40 total for two people

Food: $15 - $20 cooking / lunch out

Drinks: $10 buying wine at a food market,

Excursions: $10 - $15 renting snorkeling gear, group sailing, etc.

Median Daily Budget

Lodging: $45 - $65 total for two people

Food: $35 - 50 two meals out

Drinks: $15 - $25 drinks out

Excursions: $30 - $40

Higher-End Daily Budget

Lodging: $75 - $90 total for two people

Food: $50 - $75 two meals out

Drinks: $40 drinks out

Excursions: $50 - $75 private sailing, city tours, food tours, etc..

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