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How to Safely Enjoy the Beach During the Pandemic

Summer is here and the weather is only going to get hotter.

As many of you are forced outside to escape the heat, you'll likely want to hit up your nearest beach to tan on the sand or splash in the water. But with the pandemic still raging on, is it safe to do so?

The short answer is yes, but it's important to be cautious when visiting your local beach. Below, we share our tips for staying safe at the beach during the pandemic. Keep scrolling to prepare for your next beach day!

A bunch of beachgoers at the beach

Know the Rules

Before you even consider stepping outside your front door, be sure you know what rules are set in place for your nearest beach. Is it closed? Open? When does it close? Where can you park? Some of these you may already know the answers to, but it's critical you're aware of the safety guidelines your beach has in place before you make it out there. Plus, doing so will ensure you have the most enjoyable time.

Keep It in the Family

When it comes to who you visit the beach with, make sure it's only those you've been quarantining with. So if that's your family, roommate, significant other, or dog, be sure to only bring them with you to the beach.

It's also best to not meet up with people who you haven't been quarantined with during the pandemic. You may long for a beach day with your friends, but that isn't the safest option. You can always meet up and remain six feet (or more) apart, just be sure to not take one care. That would defat the purpose.

Two people standing at the edge of the water watching the sun set at the beach

Wear a Mask

This may depend on the beach you visit, but we still recommend wearing a mask. Yes, even at the beach you should be sporting one. It may not be the most comfortable thing, but it will keep you as safe as you can be in a public setting.

Stay Six Feet Apart

You've likely heard this a million times already, but be sure to stay six feet apart from everyone at all times. The further you are from others, the safer you will be. If the beach you go to is crowded, take that as a sign to turn around and go home. It is not worth risking your health to layout in the sun or swim in the waves.

Blonde white girl sitting alone on a beach towel in the sand while staring at the ocean waves

Bring Hand Sanitizer

You may not have access to running water, depending on what protocols your beach has set in place. For that reason, it's wise to bring a decent amount of hand sanitizer with you. You could even end up touching some things that others have touched. And you will want to sanitize your hands right away.

Utilize Physical Barriers

Maintaining your distance could be difficult depending on where you go. Bringing a beach umbrella or any other sort of shade shelter will help you create a barrier between others near you. Not everyone will practice social distancing as they should, so it's best to bring some things that will keep you as far away from others as possible. Even finding the most secluded spot on shore will help.

Beach chairs and umbrellas six feet apart on the shore of a beach

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