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Follow These Tips to Ensure a Safe Hotel Stay During COVID-19

Staying in a hotel is a little bit different these days. Things that you once didn't have to worry about are now major concerns.

If you're planning on staying in a hotel anytime soon, no matter how long, we've got some times for you. Keep reading to discover how to have a safe stay during your trip!

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Stay Local

It's best not to travel too far these days. Staying in your bubble will help prevent the spread and make sure you don't come into contact with too many people outside of your normal bubble. And if you do want to venture out a bit further, be sure to do some research on the number of COVID-19 cases wherever you're staying. Speaking of research, that brings us to our next point.

Research the Hotel

Get to know the hotel you'll potentially be staying at. Know where they are and how many cases the area you'll be staying in has had. Apart from that, see how the hotel is handling the pandemic. What does their cleaning look like? How many rooms do they have open? What's their policy on guests wearing masks. Know this before you stay in a hotel that could potentially put you in a life-threatening situation.

Wear a Mask

By now, we shouldn't even have to say this. Wear a mask! It is so important you do this while visiting a hotel. You don't need to wear it while you're in your room, but do wear it when you're checking in, checking out, and any other time you are away from your room.

Keep Your Distance

Try your best to remain as socially distanced as possible during your stay. We suggest spending a majority of your time in your hotel room. We also suggest avoiding places like the hotel pool, gym, or even bar. Order room service instead and stay away from other people in the hotel. You don't know where they've been and they don't know where you've been.

Request a Room That Has Been Empty

Even if your hotel promises thorough sanitizing of each and every room, it's still safest to request a room that hasn't been occupied in a few days. And if you can find one, a room that hasn't been occupied in weeks. Making this request offers an extra level of protection.

Sanitize Your Room

No matter what room you get, don't be afraid to sanitize surfaces yourself. Bring some wipes and wipe everything down. We do mean everything. The TV remote is especially dirty, so give that a good scrub. This isn't just something you should do during the pandemic. We should all be participating in this measure anytime we visit a hotel.

Say No to Housekeeping

Saying no to housekeeping may be a bit difficult, but it's for a good reason. If you're staying there for a few days and allow the housekeeper in, you're essentially bringing in more people. They have to clean a lot of rooms, so wherever they've been is where you'll be going. Even if you forgo the housekeeper, be sure to tip them.

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