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These Black-Owned Travel Essentials Companies Are Here to Help You Pack for Your Next Trip

Now is the time to invest in Black-owned companies from here on out. For many of us, that starts with the travel essentials we purchase.

So, before you head out on your next trip, get acquainted with these Black-owned companies that make travel essentials. From luggage to swimwear, you'll find everything you need is made by these brands.

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1. Ebby Rane

Ebby Rane specializes in luxury carry-ons for those who aren't fans of having to check bags. The brand was specifically designed for women who travel for business, but their luggage has won over everyone who uses it.

2. Kingdom of Melanin

Every Kingdom of Melanin product is handcrafted and limited edition. What they offer is unlike anything you will find in a store. Their travel and fitness bags will help you stand out on your next flight in the bet way possible.

3. Melanin Apparel

Along with hoodies, tanks, and tees, Melanin Apparel offers travel bags, beach towels, and totes. Whatever accessories you may need for your next trip, chances are you'll find them on Melanin Apparel.

4. The Traveling Esquire

Luggage tags and passport holders are just as important as your luggage. The Traveling Esquire offers a ton of adorable tags and holders for every type of traveler.

5. Gem From Rock

There is no such thing as having too many options when it comes to travel accessories. Gem From Rock also offers passport holders and luggage tags that'll catch your eye.

6. B Fyne

For resort wear and swimsuits, resort (see what we did there?) to B Fyne. Their designs are nothing short of stunning and will help you feel confident in who you are. Plus, you'll feel like a goddess wearing them.

7. Legendary Rootz

Legendary Rootz is "a lifestyle brand for Black Women to authentically express themselves through powerful, statement-driven apparel." They have everything you need to pack in your luggage, from swimsuits to T-shirts.

8. Black Girl Sunscreen

Made for Black women by Black women, Black Girl Sunscreen is made with natural ingredients. It's also cruelty-free and vegan, so you can't go wrong buying a tube today.

9. Black Travel Box

Filled with natural hair and skincare products, Black Travel Box delivers TSA-approved products right to your doorstep, making it easier than ever to pack for your next trip. They offer everything from shampoo and conditioner bars to hair and lip balm.

Not only should you support these Black-owned companies, but you should definitely follow THESE Black travel influencers on Instagram!

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