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8 Exciting At-Home Staycation Ideas for Your Time in Quarantine

Staycations are needed now more than ever to keep us all sane while we're in quarantine.

Typically, staycations work under the guise you're still allowed to leave your house and venture into the great unknown, it's just limited to your local area.

While even that isn't exactly a possibility, there are plenty of at-home staycation ideas you can participate in. And boy do we have the most exciting ones for you.

Find the best one for you below!

Two Black women having a spa day while at home

1. Have a Spa Day

Given all that is going on in the world and even just personally, we bet you're feeling stressed out to the max. We know we are, which is why we make it a point to treat ourselves to a much-needed spa day.

From making your own spa water to relaxing with your favorite face mask on, spa days are super easy to recreate at home. All you need is a calming setting and some supplies.

2. Host a Movie Marathon

Chances are you've already been watching a ton of movies and TV shows on every streaming service known to man. Why not go the extra mile and host a movie marathon for yourself or those you're quarantined with.

You can theme the marathon every time around people's favorite genres or stick with various time periods. We suggest the '80s, as it's truly the best. Don't forget the popcorn and snacks either, because those are the most important aspect to all this.

black flat screen tv turned on displaying 11

3. Cook Dishes From Around the World

Physically traveling the world isn't a possibility right now, but you can absolutely bring the world to you—well, to your kitchen anyway. Look into purchasing a worldly cookbook that'll allow you to make dishes from anywhere you've ever wanted to visit.

If you're not the best chef or don't have the patience to whip up a meal, order takeout. There might be some locations near you that feature different foods from across the globe.

4. Hold a Dance Party

Miss going out with your friends? Have a dance party over FaceTime or Zoom. Get your girls together and go out (er, in) dancing to your favorite club mix while enjoying some spirited libations together.

We know it's not the same thing as seeing them, but it'll be more fun than you know. Plus, dancing is a great way to exercise and get those endorphins pumping.

girl twirling around room

5. Go on a Yoga Retreat

Is clubbing not really your thing? Prefer to keep things a little more mellow and somewhat spiritual? Have yourself an at-home yoga retreat. It may not be the same as studying in India for a few months, but there are a ton of resources available for you to enjoy one in your room.

Whether you decide to participate in a month-long yoga challenge or take a teaching course, there are a number of ways you can have the yoga retreat of your dreams while in quarantine.

6. Enjoy a Wine Tasting

Vineyards are closed to the public, but the wine still keeps flowing. You can enjoy the bottles you already stocked up on or purchase more from local wineries and such. Just don't enjoy them all at once.

The great thing about a wine tasting done indoors is that you can do it with yourself, whoever is in your household, or your friends over a Zoom wine tasting party. The possibilities are endless!

white and blue labeled bottle beside wine glass

7. Participate in a Game Night

Game nights used to be a staple family tradition. As we all got busy and online, they ceased to really be a thing. Now's the time to resurrect them and use them to your benefit. Though they can potentially get heated, depending on who you play with, they are a great way to bond with your quarantine buddies.

There are a ton of classic board games out there that we bet you have stashed away in the attic. So dust them off and get ready to play!

8. Get Crafty

Have some home-based projects you need to complete? There's no better time to get them done than right now. We know this may not be the staycation for everyone, but there are plenty of you out there who really need something to do with their hands.

Paint your room, fix the screen door, clean every inch of your dwellings, do what needs to be done. Don't forget to have some fun, too. You can do things that are a necessity, but also let your creative flag fly in a way that's simply for pure enjoyment. This could be through drawing, painting, writing, and so much more.

person painting a orange fruits

Not into staycations? Maybe a virtual vacation is more your speed? Read all about them HERE!

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