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5 Must-Follow Safety Tips for the Solo Female Traveler

Safety is of the upmost importance when you're a solo female traveler. While the experience is exciting and freeing, you need to always keep an eye out wherever you go.

We're not trying to scare you out of traveling by yourself. Rather, we want to share some advice on how to remain safe when you do go off on your own.

Below, we share some must-follow solo female traveler safety tips to prepare you for your next adventure!

Woman carrying a big red backpack on her back while traveling

1. Do Your Research

Before you go anywhere, be sure to do your research. Know where you will be going and everything you can expect from the destination you choose. It may even help to search the safest locations for solo female travelers and plan your trip from there. This also helps you get out of your head during your visit. It's easy to get scared when you're all alone in a foreign land. But if you know what to expect, nothing will surprise you. You'll be able to trust your gut and enjoy your trip so much more.

2. Tell Your Loved Ones Your Plans

After you've planned everything, it's important you tell your loved ones where you'll be going and when. If you have an itinerary for your trip, share that with them. Also, share your location with them. You may not be able to check in with them constantly, but at least they'll have your location in case anything does go wrong.

3. Carry Self-Defense Tools

You can be as prepared as possible and something can still go awry. It happens. This is why carrying things like pepper spray, alarms, or taser devices can come in handy. Obviously, some of these weapons can't make it through TSA. But there are plenty that can. And if you don't want to take any of these things with you, you can always learn self-defense. Honestly, every woman should learn it, not just for when you travel.

4. Connect With Other Solo Female Travelers

There is nothing more freeing and exhilarating than a solo trip. But as much as we love going in it alone, it's always nice to make some friends along the way. It also helps you feel safe when you have other solo adventurers by your side. There are groups online that can help you make connections. Or, you could stay in a hostel and make friends once you arrive at your destination. Hostels are so lively and filled with fun, approachable travelers who you'll have no problem interacting with. You can truly make friends for life by staying at one.

5. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Our final safety tip is to always be aware of your surroundings. Know what is happening around you, just in case someone happens to be following you. When you remain extra alert, you'll know when something feels off. If someone is following you, be sure to make your way to a well-lit, crowded area. Try to get lost in the crowd. And be super careful when going out at night on your own. You may feel fine doing so, though we suggest you bring one of your solo travel friends with you.

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