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Why Small Town Travel Is the New Norm

The pandemic changed travel as we once knew it. Not only has it forced us to make adjustments as to how we travel, it has also inspired us to get creative with where we travel.

Lengthy, international travels were once all the rage, but that isn't the case anymore. With many Americans not being able to put their passports to good use, there has been a rise in national travel.

While some people are making their way from one coast to the next, others have opted to remain local. Small town travel has become the new norm in the U.S. during the pandemic. It's inexpensive, safer, and just as fun as international travel. You still get to put your vacation time to good use in a much more creative way.

Scroll below to discover why opting for small town travel is the way to go in the age of the pandemic!

Coffee house and book store on a street in a small town

You Don't Have to Venture Too Far

The nice thing about small towns is that they aren't too far from home. We bet there's one right around the corner from you that you always wanted to visit. Heck, maybe you never even thought about it until now. When you're closer to home, you won't have to spend too much time or money getting your trip in order. And you tend to feel more comfortable and at ease, even though you're somewhere you've never been.

It's Accessible by Car

Taking a car is one of the safest ways to travel during the pandemic. Think about it—you control who gets into your car and you may not have to make very many stops. When you do make stops, they'll be to get gas or use the restroom, which are things you likely already do at home. You know what precautions to take. And again, taking a car is cheaper than traveling by air.

They Tend to Be More Coronavirus-Friendly Destinations

Small towns are far less crowded than larger cities, which means you can avoid people and stay socially distanced. The less people, the easier it is to follow all necessary safety precautions. Most small towns are already doing this anyway. They know how vulnerable their townspeople are, so they do their best to protect them. You'll feel as safe as every visiting your local small town.

These Trips Are More Affordable Than International Travel

Even when you know all the tricks, international travel can be a bit pricey. Local travel, however, isn't. It's much more affordable to travel locally than it is internationally. While international trips tend to feel more exciting, you can still have quite the adventure in a small town and for a fraction of the price.

If you end up staying at a hotel during your small town trip, be sure to follow THESE trips to ensure a safe stay!

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