• Ashley Locke

7 Top Female Solo Travel Apps That Will Always Make You Feel Safe

When it comes to being a female solo traveler, safety is of the upmost importance.

While it's empowering to explore the world on your own, there are plenty of precautions you need to take, especially for us women.

Technology has made it easier to stay safe no matter where you travel in the form of some helpful apps.

Keep scrolling to discover the seven apps every solo female traveler needs to download on her phone ASAP!

Woman sitting in a camper van with a map of Australia in the background

1. Tourlina

For those hoping to connect with other solo female travelers on or before their next trip, Tourlina is the app for you. Functioning similar to Bumble BFF, users are able to match with other solo female travelers and locals during their vacation. Every user is verified by the Tourlina team and consists of only female travelers.

Download the app here!

2. Chirpey

Somewhat similar to Tourlina, Chirpey was started with the mission to empower female solo travelers. Only women are able to sign up for this app, which already offers a safer feeling than travel apps that are for men and women. With its tight-knit community, users can connect with like-minded travelers and gain advice on their next adventure.

Download the app here!

3. Smart Traveler

Launched in 2011, Smart Traveler was created by the U.S. State Department to keep travelers updated on travel alerts, travel warnings, official country information, and more. It even offers U.S. embassy locations in case they're ever needed.

Download the app here!

Woman looking at her phone while standing on a train platform

4. BSafe

Safety is the biggest concern when traveling solo. Thanks to the app bSafe, you'll feel a sense of protection in the palm of your hand. A location-based app, bSafe allows you to set up a network of friends and family (you guardians) that have access to your location at all times. On your way to your location, you can live stream your way there and even notify your guardians when you've arrived safely.

Download the app here!

5. RedZone

Knowing the safest ways to get around any city isn't as easy as it seems. RedZone was created to change that. Offering the safest routes by telling you which areas to avoid, you'll feel confident going in the direction this app recommends.

Download the app here!

6. CalConvert

When traveling out of the country, keeping track of currency conversions can be a pain the you know what. Plus, it's easier to get scammed than you might think. CalConvert exists for this very reason. A free currency converter, you'll be able to calculate and convert easier than ever before.

Download the app here!

Woman using her phone to check the weather and the time

7. TripWhistle

Known as being a global SOS, TripWhistle contains the 70 different emergency numbers for the 196 countries in the world. Just in case something happens, you can use this app to make sure you dial the right emergency number.

Download the app here!

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