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8 Romantic Fall Destinations You and Your Partner Will Love

Summer is the season for flings, but fall is the season for romance. If you and your partner need a getaway together, we suggest visiting one of these romantic fall destinations across the U.S.

From the East Coast to the West Coast, there are plenty of destinations that will offer something you both enjoy, while simultaneously bring the two of you closer together.

Keep scrolling to see which destination is right for the both of you and get ready to strengthen your bond!

White straight couple sitting on a cliff overlooking a town during the fall

1. Park City, Utah

Park City came up a ton on other lists of romantic fall destinations, so we had to include it in ours. While many flock to Utah during the winter months for some snowboarding and skiing, it's just as exhilarating to visit during autumn. This truly is a destination for nature enthusiasts, as it boasts plenty of gorgeous hikes throughout scenic mountain ranges.

2. Big Sur, California

For stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, Big Sur is the place to be. Quiet and peaceful, you can enjoy some much-needed alone time with your significant other as you dine or whale watch. The choice is up to you!

3. Poconos, Pennsylvania

The Poconos in Pennsylvania are an often overlooked destination for many. Those who have already visited are aware of the limitless romance it holds. From heart-shaped bathtubs to candlelit dinners, everything you do in the Poconos will ooze romance. You won't forget your time there.

4. New York City, New York

Does it get anymore romantic than NYC in the fall? Everything about the city during the season is so picturesque and carefree, you can't help but be filled with love in everything you do. And there is plenty to do in the city. Whether you prefer cuddling up in a hotel room or hitting the rooftop bars, the possibilities are endless.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas may not come to mind for many when thinking of romantic fall destinations, but it is. You can virtually visit Vegas year round, though the fall is a great time to go to avoid the crowds. You and your significant other can enjoy a gondola ride together or soak up the views at the top of the Eiffel Tower. No, not that tower, the much smaller Vegas replica. Or maybe you'll decide to get married?

6. Austin, Texas

Another unexpected romantic destination, Austin is about as pretty as a picture during the fall. Much like any major city, it offers variety for every type of couple. You can go on a hike one day and enjoy the bar scene the next.

7. Barnard, Vermont

Vermont is unlike any other during the fall. The views are so priceless, you won't believe your eyes. But for couples who want to indulge a little, Barnard was made for that. Their all-inclusive resort Twin Farms is home to some luxurious rooms that feature fireplaces and hot tubs—you know, perfect for a romantic getaway for two.

8. Key West, Florida

The fall is a great time to get away to Florida if you can, as it is far less busy during this season than summer or winter. You and your loved one can enjoy the beach without the crowds or you can explore all Key West has to offer—and trust us, it's a lot. You may want to do some research on all the attractions there are to see.

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