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People Are Using Their Washers and Dryers to Pretend Like They're on Flights

World travelers have been having a tough time during quarantine, as they're not allowed to explore. As avid travelers ourselves, we know exactly what they're going through.

Still, that isn't stopping them from jet-setting around the world... well, at least not exactly. Keeping their creativity alive, people all over Instagram have started participating in the #QuarantineTravelChallenge.

woman sits on seat near window inside plane

To be clear, no traveling of any sort is happening—except from the bedroom, kitchen, or living room to the laundry room, as this challenge requires a washer and dryer. Yes, you read that right.

These crafty individuals have been making mock flights with a little help from their washing and drying machines.

Using their washer or dryer doors as windows, people are visiting every place they've ever wanted to go from the privacy of their own homes.

Some are sure to bring their eye masks, while others wouldn't fly without their glass of wine. At least the beverages are free on these flights.

The most important possession, however, is obviously the passport.

You can't exactly roam the world without it, even if you're only in your laundry room.

More than anything, we love how much fun everyone who participates in this challenge seems to be having. It's certainly a silver lining in these dark and cloudy times.

Whether you're traveling solo or with your family, you'll find a bit of joy recreating a flight with your washer or dryer. At the very least, it'll prepare you for when you can finally fly again.

After you participate in the challenge, be sure to experience your own virtual vacation by following THESE tips!

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