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9 Creative Quarantine Date Night Ideas for Couples Stuck at Home

We can't venture too far outside of the four walls we call home, which may make it feel like date nights are totally off the table.

That, however, is far from the truth. Now's the perfect time to make every day a date night.

If you're lucky enough to be cooped up with your significant other, we came up with some creative quarantine date night ideas.

Find the best one for your relationship below!

man and woman lying on bed while eating pizza together

1. Camp in Your Backyard or Living Room

Have space in your living room (or even backyard) for a tent? Perfect, you can experience the ultimate camping experience in the privacy of your own home. Stargaze on your TV or laptop and roast s'mores in your fireplace or with a little help from a s'mores maker. Maybe even dress up in camping gear for the full effect.

2. Go on a Virtual Vacation

Vacationing IRL isn't happening, but virtual vacations are alive and thriving. There are a number of ways to enjoy one with your partner while in quarantine. From scrolling through travel Instagram accounts to watching POV videos on YouTube, there are a number of ways to see the world with your lover while in quarantine.

3. Draw or Paint Each Other

Hoping to unleash your inner artist while in isolation? Why not put your skills to the test by drawing or painting your partner for a very artsy date night? It'll be a fun way to really get to know one another's physical features a little bit better. At the very least, you'll have some art to hang around the house.

person holding paint brush and paint brush

4. Recreate Dates From Your Favorite Movies

Many of us have been watching a little too much entertainment content during these times. This is why a movie date night just won't cut it. Kick things up a notch by recreating a date from one of your favorite movies. This can be any film and isn't limited to rom-coms or any flicks in that realm. Some dates may be a little bit trickier to create than others, but we bet you'll have just as much fun trying as you will actually being on the date.

5. Create a Bucket List

Now that you have a little extra time to do things you always wanted to do, why not write them all down on paper? Work on a bucket list with your partner of things you want to do together. This can include trips you want to take, foods you want to try, activities you want to participate in, and so much more. The possibilities are endless, so get to working on that list!

6. Have a Karaoke Night

You don't have to be a good singer to enjoy a karaoke night with your babe. As long as you both like singing and don't mind how tone deaf the other is, you'll have one heck of a time karaokeing the evening away. YouTube is a great place to look for sing-a-long videos, though you could also invest in a karaoke mic to really add to the atmosphere.

7. Start a Nerf Gun Fight

Nerf guns are reminiscent of a simpler time, so playing with them is a chance to connect with our inner child. A Nerf gun fight with your partner will truly bring some excitement into your quarantine and your relationship. Even if you don't have one, you can purchase one for cheap or throw wads of paper at each other instead. There's always a way to make it work.

8. Enjoy a Bubble Bath Together

Need to unwind and relax a bit? We suggest taking a romantic bubble bath together. Get all sudsy and even pop the bubbly as you soak in the tub for a bit. You deserve to relax, especially together.

9. Read or Learn About the Best Couple Travel Destinations

Google top travel destinations for couples, explore Google Earth, or read the Ultimate Journeys For Two or The World's Most Romantic Destinations by National Geographic! Begin exploring all of your best travel destination options and routing out your next trip!

Don't have a significant other to enjoy quarantine with? That's okay, you can still enjoy THESE at-home staycations!

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