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The Most Haunted Hotel in Every State

We have made it to October 2020! Who would've thought, especially with the way this year has been going?

Seeing as we've entered spooky season, there's no better time to bombard you with scary content. We're kicking off Halloween time by sharing the most haunted hotel in every state—yes, every single one of 'em.

Keep scrolling to discover the most haunted hotel where you live!

Alabama: Malaga Inn in Mobile

Located in Mobile, Alabama, the Malaga Inn has a history that dates all the way back to the American Civil War. So history buffs will love this joint, but so will ghost hunters. Many guests have claimed to see a woman parading around the balcony or room 007. Others have noted swinging chandeliers and moving furniture.

Alaska: Historic Anchorage Hotel in Anchorage

Oddly, there are quite a few haunted hotels in Alaska. However, none of them have a history quite like the Historic Anchorage Hotel. Ghastly women and children dressed in white have been spotted roaming the halls. Rooms 215 and 217 appear to get the most action.

Arizona: Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee

The Copper Queen Hotel is one of the oldest operating hotels in Arizona. Ever since its creation in 1902, many spirits have passed through this residence. There are plenty of famous guests who make their presence known, along with a few former employees who check up on current employees from time to time. Isn't that sweet?

Arkansas: 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs

We did our research on this piece to make sure we truly did find the most haunted hotel in every state. Arkansas was easy, given every list pointed to the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs. It's not just the most haunted hotel in Arkansas, it's one of the most haunted sights in the country. And there are so many reasons why, especially given it was once a hospital run by someone who didn't have a license to practice medicine.

California: Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles

This posh location in the heart of Hollywood has been home to many notable guests during its heyday, including a one Marilyn Monroe. Her spirit is said to still be lingering in the lobby, so you'll be greeted by the best.

Colorado: Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

The Stanley Hotel is best known for inspiring Stephen King's novel The Shining. Need we say more? If it's enough to frighten Stephen King, imagine how haunted it truly is.

Connecticut: Captain Grant's 1754 in Preston

Many ghost hunters have experienced quite the fright at Captain Grant's 1754. The bed and breakfast has roots in the American Revolution, so you'll bump into spirits from a variety of different eras.

Delaware: Bewitched and BEDazzled Bed & Breakfast in Rehoboth Beach

This charming bed and breakfast is inspired by the beloved TV classic Bewitched. So if you love the sitcom and ghosts, this hotel is perfect for you. There are plenty of benevolent spirits that like to make their appearance known from time to time.

Florida: Biltmore Hotel in Miami

Forget about Disney World or South Beach, your next trip to Florida should be centered around the Biltmore Hotel in Miami. As stunning as it looks, it also has an eerie history. Lights flicker on and off, doors close by themselves. You'll be treated like an A-list celebrity in the human and spirit world.

Georgia: Marshall House in Savannah

You'll be exposed to your fair share of supernatural experiences at the Marshall House. It has been repurposed as a hotel on three separate occasions, so many former patients still linger behind.

Hawaii: Lodge at Koele in Lanai

Part of the Four Seasons Resort, the Lodge at Koele has plenty of spiritual guests. One in particular is a young girl who enjoys visiting guests in their rooms.

Idaho: Idaho Hotel in Silver City

The Idaho Hotel looks terrifying on the outside, but wait until you get a load of what it's got going on indoors. There have been a few shootouts during the hotel's history that have led to some ghosts staying behind. Even the hotel's former owner is said to make an appearance.

Illinois: Drake Hotel in Chicago

No, this isn't named after that Drake. The Drake Hotel in Chicago is one of the most luxurious hotels in the heart of the city with a very tragic haunting. During the hotel's grand opening gala on New Year's Eve in 1920, the woman in red took her own life after finding her lover in the arms of another.

Indiana: Canyon Inn in Spencer

Prior to operating as a hotel, the Canyon Inn was said to be an insane asylum. Guests have heard screaming and footsteps from the previous tenants.

Iowa: Redstone Inn & Suites in Dubuque

This ominous Victorian mansion is said to be haunted by its original owners, the Cooper family. Many who have stayed there have had a run-in with the head of the household, whom many believe to be Augustin A. Cooper.

Kansas: Midland Railroad Hotel in Wilson

Established in 1899, this hotel has quite a rich history. As it was once a popular train stop, many spirits have stopped by along their journey of life. The most notable haunt is a young girl who roams the third floor.

Kentucky: Seelbach Hilton in Louisville

This grand hotel is extravagant in every form of the word. Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald enjoyed his stay so much, that he mentioned the hotel in The Great Gatsby. Sadly, he isn't known to haunt the property. However, the Blue Lady has never checked out after her tragic suicide in 1936.

Louisiana: Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans

New Orleans is the place to be if you want to experience some frights. The Bourbon Orleans Hotel is located in the historic French Quarter and houses some eclectic apparitions, seeing as it served as a theater, convent, and orphanage. From hearing children to seeing nuns, there is no shortage of spirits in this hotel.

Maine: Captain Fairfield Inn in Kennebunkport

The name might've tipped you off, but there is indeed a Captain Fairfield that haunts this inn. He was the original owner, along with his wife Lois Walker. The captain may not physically be there to watch over his property, but he is there in spirit.

Maryland: Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore

There are plenty of young spirits who run up and down the halls of the historic Lord Baltimore Hotel. You'll hear everything from marbles rolling to balls bouncing, so get ready for some very playful phantoms.

Massachusetts: Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River

You can take a nap where Lizzie Borden took an ax. We want to say we're kidding, but it's true. At the sight of the notorious ax murders, guests can enjoy tours, ghost hunting, and more.

Michigan: Henderson Castle Inn in Kalamazoo

First off, you get to stay in a haunted castle in Kalamazoo. Does it get any cooler than that? There have been many different spirit sightings, though the most famous ghosts are the original owners of the castle.

Minnesota: Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre

The Palmer House Hotel has had the most spiritual encounters of any other hotel in the state. This is why it's known for being the most haunted. Not a single guest that has walked through the doors hasn't come in contact with an apparition. Will you be next?

Mississippi: Duff Green Mansion in Vicksburg

Cotton broker Duff Green built this gorgeous mansion back in the 1850s. It still stands tall today, even after it was a hospital for soldiers in the American Civil War. Many of those soldiers never left, as they can be heard in the mansion today.

Missouri: Lemp Mansion in St. Louis

The Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn has a pretty tragic backstory. Though the family was successful, five members of the family committed suicide and the heir to the Lemp fortune died mysteriously. This caused the head of the household, William J. Lemp, to commit suicide as well. The spirits of the Lemp family are said to still linger in the mansion to this very day, making it one of the most haunted locations in the U.S.

Montana: The Fairweather Inn in Virginia City

Virginia City was once booming due to gold mining, but now it is rather desolate. The Fairweather Inn is actually the only hotel in town. The mischievous spirits of children have their fun with guests in the inn, moving their luggage and messing with the lights.

Nebraska: Arrow Hotel in Broken Bow

The Arrow Hotel is known for being a bit of a paranormal hotspot with ghosts and ghouls haunting the destination. Even staff members are aware this place is haunted. We love a hotel that doesn't shy away from its otherworldly history.

Nevada: Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah

Nevada is home to many ghost towns, which means there are a number of haunted destinations the state has to offer. Perhaps none is more haunted than the Mizpah Hotel. The TV show Ghost Hunters even paid this place a visit and was met with some excitable apparitions.

New Hampshire: Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods

You can't miss the Omni Mount Washington Resort when you visit Bretton Woods. Nestled among the mountains, you'll be able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, though not the spirits. This hotel as one long-term guest who enjoys mingling with the guests when she can.

New Jersey: Southern Mansion in Cape May

The spirits of the mansion's original owners and their descendants are said to still reside in the Southern Mansion. Maybe if you're nice enough to them, they'll give you a discount on your stay?

New Mexico: La Posada de Santa Fe in Santa Fe

This hotel includes a building known as the Staab House. Julia Stabb, the lady of the house, never seemed to depart from her beloved home, even in death. Guests have claimed to see her hanging out in the bar. We don't blame her.

New York: Shanley Hotel in Napanoch

While other hotels will try to hide their haunting history, the Shanley Hotel has it plastered all over their homepage. Guests can experience either public or private ghost hunts, while also staying in one of their most haunted rooms.

North Carolina: The Biltmore Greensboro in Greensboro

The Biltmore Greensboro has been a denim company, a post office, bath houses, and apartment units all in its lifetime. Originally owned by the Coen Brothers, their accountant Philip is said to be one of the two major spirits left behind. His death still remains a mystery to this day. The other prominent poltergeist is Lydia, a woman who also used to work at the residence in some capacity.

North Dakota: Rough Riders Hotel in Medora

Rough Riders has a fascinating history. It was named after Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders that fought in the Spanish-American war. And given Teddy was the first U.S. President to visit the town of Medora, it just made sense. In terms of spirits, there is a little boy said to haunt this place. He enjoys flushing toilets when people aren't around. We'd hate to pay that water bill.

Ohio: Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza in Cincinnati

The Lady in Green is the most notable presence in the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza. She was allegedly the wife of a hotel laborer who was killed during its construction.

Oklahoma: Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City

A woman named Effie had an affair with the owner of the hotel. When she got pregnant, he locked her away to hide his secret from the world. Unfortunately, she jumped out of the window with her baby. Sadly, she never quite left the Skirvin Hilton, as her spirit still haunts it today.

Oregon: Heathman Hotel in Portland

Many guests have had experiences with the ghosts in this hotel, particularly those who reside in a room that ends in 03. Every person who has stayed in one of those rooms has had some sort of supernatural experience they can't quite shake.

Pennsylvania: Gettysburg Hotel in Gettysburg

Given the rich history of Gettysburg, it isn't at all surprising the Gettysburg Hotel is said to be the most haunted hotel in the state. Wounded soldiers and nurses have stayed behind, many of whom even chat up the guests.

Rhode Island: Graduate Providence in Providence

Graduate Providence is a quirky little joint you wouldn't suspect was haunted. Once you discover it was financed by proud satanist Johan Lessie Weisskopf, it starts to make sense. Writers Stephen King and Robert Bloch have even used the location as inspiration for their respective novels.

South Carolina: Meeting Street Inn in Charleston

Pretty in pink, the Meeting Street Inn has quite a colorful cast of apparitions. One likes to manifest at the edge of your bed, while another enjoys locking you out even if you have your key. Silly spirits!

South Dakota: Hotel Alex Johnson Rapid City in Rapid City

The SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters have made an appearance at this hotel, confirming its hauntings. Alex Johnson himself even haunts this spot, along with the alluring Lady in White.

Tennessee: Peabody Hotel in Memphis

Apart from the ghosts that like to whisper to guests, the Peabody in Memphis is also the residence of the iconic Peabody Ducks. These little guys live up on the rooftop and visit the lobby daily.

Texas: Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio

The Emily Morgan Hotel has only been around since 1984, but it had a wild history long before its creation. What is now the hotel used to house a hospital, doctors' offices, and a psychiatric ward, as well as a morgue and a crematorium. Guests have reported poltergeist activity, likely from the hotel's former residents.

Utah: Seven Wives Inn in Saint George

Seven Wives Inn was once used to hide polygamists. Now, those former polygamists enjoy creeping out the current visitors of the inn. Don't worry, they don't bite.

Vermont: Old Stagecoach Inn in Waterbury

The ghost of Margaret Annette Henry Spencer, also known as Nettie, is said to haunt the Old Stagecoach Inn. She enjoys moving around furniture and removing sheets from beds, so nothing too out of the ordinary for an apparition.

Virginia: Wayside Inn in Middletown

The Wayside Inn has been called one of America's most haunted attractions, so book a stay if you dare. It served as a hospital during the Civil War, so many soldiers have stayed behind to give guests a fright.

Washington: Hotel Sorrento in Seattle

Washington has far more paranormal activity going on than it's given credit for. There are a number of haunted places to rest your head, though the Hotel Sorrento takes the cake. Room 408 is believed to be the most haunted, but spirits mingle throughout the entirety of the building.

West Virginia: The Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg

With a name like Belnnerhassett, you know there has to be a story. And there is. Apparently the man who built the hotel, William Chancellor, is often spotted in the library. There's another notorious spirit known as the 4 O’Clock Knocker, who was given the name due to the loud knock they make on the hotel coffee bar door at 4 a.m.

Wisconsin: Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee

The Pfister Hotel is reportedly so scary, MLB players who have stayed there don't ever want to go back. They've complained about the eeriness of the hotel multiple times. If professional athletes are scared, you know it has to be good.

Wyoming: Historic Occidental Hotel & Saloon in Buffalo

The Historic Occidental Hotel & Saloon was once a bordello. Emily, a daughter of one of the prostitutes, is the most well-known apparition in the hotel. Whenever you feel a tap on your shoulder or a tug at your shirt, that's Emily saying hello.

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