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Mexico Wants You to 'Come 2 Cancun' During the Pandemic—Should You?

The only traveling we've been doing is from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room and back to the bedroom as of late.

With the pandemic raging on, traveling the world isn't exactly something we can do.

Though things seem to be on the up-and-up in some places. Various countries have lessened the stay at home orders, giving their citizens a little bit of freedom. Still, jet-setting to Paris for a lavish vacation isn't quite doable just yet.

Mexico, on the other hand, is ready to host tourists as soon as June 1, if coronavirus will allow it. In their digital campaign for 'Come 2 Cancun,' the Hotel Association of Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres announced a two-for-one style deal. Say you book two nights at a hotel. With this campaign, you'd receive four nights.

Other initiatives include contests from agencies and promotional campaigns to get visitors even more excited about a potential trip to Cancun.

International travel will likely reopen in June, which Mexico hopes will bring plenty of tourists to the city and in turn increase revenue. There's no doubt the travel industry has taken quite the hit during these adventureless times, so they want to recover as quickly as possible.

Currently, the CDC only recommends traveling if it's absolutely necessary. A trip to Cancun might not exactly fall under an essential trip, though there's no telling what will happen when June 1 rolls around.

The Mexican government promises to enforce a strict set of health and hygiene protocols before tourists can even step foot in the city. Will it be enough? We can't be certain.

As much as we want to explore the world, we'll likely be staying at home until health care professionals give us the all clear. Mexico is currently having a tough time keeping up with the number of new cases every day, especially with their extremely limited testing. Again, things could change for the better by next month.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If Mexico can host tourists and has better hygiene practices in place to keep cases down, then why not visit Cancun? Maybe wait a bit before you book your trip, or be sure to purchase travel insurance in case you can't make it. Until then, keeping a list of places you want to visit once this pandemic has settled may be the way to go.

And if you really want to go on a vacation right this very instant, HERE's how to enjoy a virtual one!

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