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This Map Will Help You Find a Black-Owned Hotel for Your Next Trip

Supporting Black-owned businesses doesn't stop at restaurants and clothing stores. There are many more Black-owned businesses out there for just about everything you can imagine.

As travelers, we've been exploring more Black-owned businesses in that sphere. From swimwear to sunglasses and everything in between, we've made our travel necessities more inclusive.

Recently, we came across an Instagram post from @glizzymcguire_ on Black-owned hotels in the U.S.

Seeing that post inspired us to share these hotels and others in a roundup. When we searched Black-owned hotels on Google, we were presented with a map of hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts across the U.S. that were Black-owned.

The map comes courtesy of Blackout: An Economic Revolution. The site not only shares Black-owned hotels in the U.S., but also internationally.

Blackout even offers a map of HBCUs and Black banks for your viewing pleasure.

So the next time you're planning a trip and need to figure out where to stay, use Blackout's map to find a Black-owned hotel near you!

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