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Here's How to Safely Vacation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We've spent months in quarantine, doing our best to flatten the curve and stop the spread of coronavirus. Now, the world is starting to open up and the people are ready to freely frolic.

The coronavirus is still raging on, so travel won't be what it once was, especially during these upcoming summer months. Other than the obvious precautions, there are a number of things you can do to safely enjoy a vacation during the pandemic.

Read on to discover what they are!

Go Solo

One way to keep yourself safe is to travel solo. You know where you've been during quarantine and have hopefully been staying safe, so you can trust that going somewhere with yourself won't jeopardize your health as much as it would if you traveled with those you didn't quarantine with.

Traveling on your own is always scary, but it can be even more anxiety-inducing during times of a global crisis. You don't need to go alone if you've been safely quarantined with family or friends throughout all of this. You've already been together, so chances are you'll be safe vacationing together, too.

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Don't Stray Too Far

International travel may not be as feasible in the upcoming months, so sticking close to home is likely the best bet. Most experts already recommend doing this, so as not to unknowingly spread the virus around. Plus, it'll make you feel safe. A day trip or weekend excursion may be the easiest way to experience the post-quarantine vacation you deserve.

When you stay close, you also limit interactions with the public by way of bus, train, or plane. You may be safe, but you don't know how well others listened to the lockdown orders.

Opt for Open Spaces

The virus isn't eradicated, so it's still possible to contract it. When going on vacation, you want to make that as difficult as possible to happen. This means not going anywhere with hoards of people. Again, traveling by plane or train may not be the safest way to experience the world now, so stick to driving, biking, or walking. Be sure to keep your distance at all times. That's easier to do when there's plenty of open space surrounding you, which is why something like camping is a great option.

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Try a Local Hotel

Hotels aren't exactly wide, open spaces, but once rooms are available to rent, they're a great way to escape your home for a bit. It's like going from one home to the next. Many have been closed down during the pandemic, which is why experts are saying it's a low to medium risk activity. Of course, this all depends on what you do while at the hotel. If you mainly stay in your room and enjoy what it has to offer, you should be fine. But if you spend time in the common areas, you could make yourself more susceptible. Oh, and don't touch the elevator buttons with your fingers, unless you're wearing gloves.

Research Cancellation Policies

Once you've decided where you want to go and what you want to do, be sure to look into the cancellation policies of your plans. You could feel prepared to vacation one day and completely terrified the next. The state of the world is also up in the air, so things could change in an instant. Be sure you can get a refund or reschedule your trip without any major fuss. That's the last thing you need to deal with right now.

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If you're still too afraid to leave the safety of your own home, HERE'S how to enjoy a virtual vacation!

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