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How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight Packing & Routine Essentials

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Nothing is quite worse than boarding a flight and realizing that you are irreversibly unprepared because you are missing lifesaving essentials.

Trust me, even after flying over 70 flights in the last two years, I've had many predicaments where I learned from my mistakes from under and overpacking. From forgetting to download my netflix shows on my fully charged iPad during the two hours of sitting next to the gate, to forgetting my damn headphones for the tenth time, it really couldn't have been any worse.

Here, I've curated a list of MUST bring essentials and practices for long-haul flights that will keep you comfy and entertained during the ride. Furthermore, you will arrive to your destination feeling rejuvenated and de-stressed, and ready to take on the day or night!

Best of all, most of these items can be purchased at the dollar tree, no need to overspend here! Can you holla budget travel, we can woohoo!

Noise Cancelling Headphones or Earplugs

Airplanes can be pretty noisy, so having a good set of noise cancelling headphones or earphones can be a lifesaver. Whether you're watching a movie or trying to sleep in silence, these are essential. If you don't have these, earplugs work like a charm and can reduce most of the noise!

Fully Charged Electronics

The amount of times I've boarded a plane and realized I forgot to charge my phone while waiting at the gate is baffling. Don't make that mistake, especially if you're a screen-savvy millennial. Charge your iPad, laptop, phone, and any other electronic you plan to use ahead of time, and recharge at the gate to make sure you're good to go.

Power Bank

These can become especially handy while you're traveling, especially on the plane. For reasons unknown, planes seem to suck the energy out of your phone at a quicker pace. Skip the avoidable headache and bring a power bank or portable charger to make sure your phone has the extra juice before arriving to your next destination.

Notepad or Journal

Passing the time on the plane can be challenging if you are empty handed. Make sure bring a notepad or journal to jot down to-dos during your trip, or jot down some everlasting memories from your trip.

Wet wipes

You never know what kind of sticky situation you can end up in during your travels. Wet wipes are especially handy for cleaning up your seat before settling in, after eating, or after a spill. Be prepared for takeoff, babe!

Book or eBooks

This goes without being said. I usually carry a book with me wherever I go. This helps calm my need to be productive during transit or on the plane. Often times, its from the library. Fortunately, I also have an iPad where I can carry infinite books with me on #Audible at all times too!

Snacks and Light Meals

Airport and plane food is not only expensive, but can also be not-so-appetizing at times. Prepare a light meal and carry it on with you so you can avoid having to pay for overpriced food and satiate your hunger with something you actually enjoy eating. Pack some snacks too, it'll save your hangry tendencies, all while keeping you happy and filled. And remember, duty-free alcohol is 'prohibited' from consumption on the plane. After my partner and I nearly downed a bottle of Champagne, the flight attendant was extremely perplexed by how we got the bottle on board and had the nerve to open it...Little did we know it was against federal regulations, whoops!

Playing Cards

Whether you're traveling solo or not, playing cards can come to the rescue in a bout of boredom. Who knows, maybe you'll hit it off with your seat neighbor and end up playing cards?

Get up and Move

Long-haul flights can be extremely exhausting, especially if you aren't being active. Get up and stretch your legs, a couple squats, maybe even a push-up. Who cares if people are staring at you, at least you're getting some extra steps in and staying active!

Water Bottle

Fill up before departure, avoid having to pay for overpriced airport water, and stay hydrated! These will come to save the day and your pocket whilst traveling too!

Moisturizing Products

Being at such a high altitude will inevitably dry you out. Hand cream. Lotion. Chapstick. Travel size too, of course!


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