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How to Get the Most From Your At-Home Vacation

Quarantine has forced people to get rather innovative when it comes to taking trips this year. While some are starting to take their chances with travel, others have opted to stay home.

But just because you stay put doesn't mean you can't experience a memorable vacation from the privacy of your own home. In fact, we encourage you enjoy a staycation or two during these times.

At-home vacations aren't ideal, but they can be all sorts of exciting. If you're thinking of taking one, here's how to get the most from your at-home vacation.

Actually Plan It Like You Would a Regular Vacation

We know vacationing at home can make your "trip" seem like it isn't one, so that's why it's important to treat it as if it is a regular vacation. Sit down with yourself, your roommate, your family, or your partner and make a plan. Decide what you'll do each day of your vacation and how you'll do it. Then, plan a time to get ready for that vacation by going grocery shopping or even packing. The more you can do to make your at-home vacation feel like a legitimate trip across the globe, the more you'll get out of it.

Use Your Vacation Hours

Often with at-home vacations, it seems best to take them on a weekend or during a time when your work won't be interrupted. That's all well and good, but you need to stop prioritizing your job so much. Yes, we said it. Put yourself and first and put those vacation hours to good use. We know you likely have plenty accrued, so use them. Go ahead and take a week off. Heck, take two weeks off. You deserve it.

Bring Your Dream Travel Destination Home

Always dreamed of taking a trip to London? Are you desperate to visit India? Wherever you've desired to go, find a way to bring that destination to your home. Whether it be through cooking authentic meals from the country or designing your home to look like the location, there are a number of ways to bring the destination to you. Get creative!

Cut Off All Forms of Contact With Work

Again, when we're at home, we tend to make ourselves more accessible. To enjoy the experience of your at-home vacation, cut off contact from your work or even family members. Let everyone know you're going on vacation, even though you'll be at home. If you must, hide your phone somewhere until your experience is over. And if that isn't possible, try blocking any work numbers and deleting your email from your phone. This is your time and everything else can be put on hold.

Part Ways With Your Usual Routine

Remember, you're on vacation. This is not the time to stick to your usual routine. If you normally wake up at 6 a.m. to get the day started, allow yourself to sleep in as best you can. Follow a strict diet and exercise routine? Let it go and indulge a little. Though breaking away from routines can be tricky, especially when you're still at home, try your best to remain in a vacation mindset. However you would normally act when on a trip, do that during your at-home adventure.

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