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Here's How to Turn a 3-Day Weekend Into the Perfect Mini Vacation

Labor Day Weekend will be here before you know it. It's the last time to say goodbye to summer before fall starts and things become a bit more hectic once again.

Many Americans already know where they plan on traveling during the three-day weekend. If you're not one of them, there's still plenty of time to figure that out. And even more time to learn how to make the most of a three-day vacation. In fact, we're here to help.

We rounded up some do's and don'ts on how to best experience a holiday weekend, so keep reading to find out what they are!

White woman lounging in a beach chair while reading a book on the shore

Keep the Travel Time Minimal

Accounting for travel time is incredibly important when planning a quick getaway. When you only have a few days for a vacation, you don't want to travel anywhere too far. And with the pandemic, it may be a good idea to skip flying in favor of driving. Road trip anyone? Better yet, you could always stay local, so you don't waste too much time and gas driving around. This brings us to our next point.

Stay Local

With a three-day weekend, staying local is always the best way to go. You can make it a point to visit some of your favorite spots that you haven't been to in a while or explore somewhere nearby you haven't had the time to see. If you live near a national park, camping is also a great option. And if that isn't your thing, you could always stay at a local hotel and treat yourself to room service. Whatever you choose to do, staying local is an easy way to make the most of your three-day weekend.

Don't Bring Your Work With You

Many of us aren't the best at leaving our work at home. With our emails on our phones, we generally check them more than we should during off hours, especially when we're on vacation. So, to make the most of your three-day weekend, it's important not to bring your work with you. If you need to delete your email from your phone, so be it. This is your time, so don't let work interfere with it.

Be Spontaneous

The great thing about three-day vacations is that they're short, so they don't require much planning. If all you do is decide on where you want to go during your trip, that can almost be enough. You can figure out lodging and activities once you get there, especially if you're staying local. Just do what feels right and enjoy yourself by living in the moment as much as you can. No need to sweat the small stuff.

Don't Try to Cram Too Much Into the Three Days

Though we mentioned that a positive to three-day weekends is them offering shorter vacations, that can also be a negative for some. Three days isn't a long time to do very much, so don't feel as if you need to pack your schedule with things to do. Doing that will likely cause you to experience a more anxiety-inducing vacation. Let's be honest, that's the last thing you want from a trip. So keep your days relatively open and maybe plan for one or two things to do each day. Better yet, don't plan much and see where your spontaneity takes you!

Wondering what the most popular locations are for the holiday weekend? HERE is where most Americans are traveling this Labor Day!

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