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How to Bring the Outdoors Inside During Quarantine

Though the planet is thriving, us humans are being cooped up inside and don't have the luxury to enjoy it.

While we technically can venture outdoors for quick walks, it's not the same as being able to sun tan at the beach or hike through a national park.

For those adventurous spirits really going stir crazy, we've rounded up some clever ways to bring the outdoors inside during quarantine. Bring on the green!

three white and gray succulent plants

Purchase Plenty of Plants

Obviously, plants are an easy way to bring nature into your home. There are a ton of great options out there for every type of house. Even if you have more of a yellow thumb than a green thumb, you can find a plant that'll survive quarantine with you. The likes of aloe vera and snake plant are pretty easy houseplants to take care of.

Grow a Garden

We know you're likely questioning this point, as growing a garden takes place outdoors. And, you're right. Still, there are ways to grow a garden indoors that are just as effective. One way is to invest in a hydroponic garden tower. These contraptions can grow all sorts of herbs and vegetables, which will only helping you while cooking in quarantine.

selective focus photography of green-leafed plants

Embrace Any Natural Light

Have plenty of windows in your space? Open them! Draw back the blinds and let the natural light shine on it. Venturing past your front porch to see the sun may not be possible, depending on your situation, but you can find ways to let the rays seep into your home naturally.

Immerse Yourself in Nature-Themed Decor

From driftwood planters to mushroom pillows, there are so many cute ways to incorporate nature into your home decor. Depending on which natural elements you're most drawn to, we bet you can find plenty of decor themed around it. Pinterest is always a great place to start, as there are tons of ideas on there.

three green, orange, and white throw pillows on sofa

Light Some Candles

Smell is one of the most powerful senses. It can transport you to so many moments in time, helping you relive some of the best times of your life. You can be on a beach in Rio one minute and a Tuscan villa the next. Etsy features plenty of woodsy scents to envelop your dwelling.

Enjoy Nature-Inspired Entertainment

We're all online now more than ever. Whether it be reading on a Kindle or streaming Netflix, there are an endless amount of ways to immerse yourself in nature without actually going outdoors. We'd start with some nature-inspired movies, though you can really go any route you like.

flat screen television on TV stand

Get Creative

If any of these ideas are something you've already done or they wear off too quickly, it's time to tap into your pent-up creative energy. By this we mean getting artistic. Draw, paint, or even write about some of your favorite nature escapes. It'll be a fun way to tap into some skills you didn't know you had or some you've always wanted to sharpen. There's no better time to do that than in quarantine.

Hoping to learn something new while in quarantine? We recommend taking one of THESE travel courses.

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