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These Candles Will Transport You Virtually Anywhere in the World With Their Scents

Of the five senses, scent is arguably the most powerful.

Most closely linked to memory, smell forces us to feel in a way we never knew we could. As opposed to the other senses, this one sort of sneaks up on you. A whiff from a batch of freshly baked cookies can have you reminiscing about your days baking treats with your grandma in her home. Sniffing roses can take you back to your first date with your significant other. The examples could go on and on.

So while we're all stuck inside wishing to be exploring the likes of France or Brazil, scent becomes our greatest asset when it comes to being transported around the world.

Thanks to Homesick Candles, we can be virtually anywhere on earth once we light the wick of their candles. Featuring candles inspired by various countries, states, and cities, they have enough candles to keep you entertained until this quarantine ends.

Are you trapped in your small apartment with your roommate wishing you were back home in Las Vegas? There's a candle for that. Did you have a Canadian vacation planned before this whole thing went down that you had to cancel? Yep, a candle for that exists.

You can be in Australia one minute, then San Francisco the next.

The best part is, you can use their candles inspired by locations with those created around memories. If you want to be sipping champagne in New York City or in your grandma's kitchen in Long Island, there's a combination that works.

Are candles not really your thing? Do you still want to be whisked away to greener pastures through the power of smell? You're in luck, as Homesick Candles doesn't just put their signature scents into candles. The company also offers a line of reed diffusers and diffuser oils that smell just as good as their candles.

Their candles are priced at $29.95, whereas their reed diffusers are $34.95. Though both those price points are far less expensive than any trip you'll take. We'd take a vacation to Paris in our living room every weekend and not spend nearly as much as we would if we were actually there.

Just something to think about while quarantine continues!

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