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Hawaii Approves New 'Resort Bubbles' for Visitors During the Pandemic

Traveling during the pandemic isn't impossible, though it isn't necessarily the ideal vacation. With most destinations prohibiting American entry and various U.S. states imposing 14-day quarantines, you either have to be open to a much longer trip than planned or organize your vacation around spending the entirety of it in a hotel room.

Hawaii is planning on trying something new for visitors during their mandatory quarantine period. Though the state is tentatively scheduled to reopen at the end of October, many travelers have ventured over the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the tropical oasis from their hotel rooms and their hotel rooms only.

Hawaii resort bubble

Now, Kauai has approved "resort bubbles" for visitors. What is a resort bubble, you may be wondering? Well, we're so glad you asked. Sadly, they're not actual bubbles, though we wish they were. According to a COVID-19 update video posted by the County of Kauai, this is known as the Emergency Movement Quarantine Program (or, "resort bubbles"). The program "allows participating hotels to open entire resort property to quarantined guests. Safety measures will be in place to help protect employees and guests."

This means that guests who were once confined to their rooms could now enjoy other hotel amenities, such as pools and restaurants. Visitors would no longer be required to stay within the four walls of their hotel room on Kauai, though they also wouldn't have free reign of the island. They'd still be required to complete their 14-day quarantine within the resort bubble.

And one more thing, guests would be required to wear a GPS monitor to help resort employees make sure they don't leave the resort bubble. Hotels on Kauai aren't going to take one's word that they're staying within the resort bubble. Should a visitor be bold enough to leave the bubble with the tracker on, they will be met with police and a hefty fine.

The resort bubble initiative is voluntary, so not every resort or hotel needs to participate. Those who do want to participate can do so beginning October 1.

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