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Frontier Becomes First U.S. Carrier to Check Passengers' Temperatures

Airline carriers have been updating their standard protocols over the past few months to better protect the health and safety of their passengers and staff during the pandemic.

Previous measures have included requiring everyone to wear face masks and practice social distancing as best they could. Frontier now becomes the first U.S. carrier to take things one step further by checking the temperatures of passengers and staff before boarding the airplane.

Frontier airlines plane getting ready for takeoff

Temperature checks will take place at boarding with a contactless thermometer. If a temperature of over 100.4°F is recorded, the individual in question will be denied boarding. Frontier will then give you the option to rebook your trip for a later date or offer travel credit or a refund if the trip is canceled.

Employees of the carrier are also screened before boarding and if they have a temperature, they will be sent home.

Other than temperature checks, Frontier requires that all passengers and staff wear a face mask aboard the aircraft. The carrier is even using fogging disinfectants to deep clean every surface in the aircraft cabin.

You know your temperature will be checked before you fly, but will you soon need a COVID-19 test? HERE'S everything we know!

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