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Emirates Will Cover Your COVID-19 Health Expenses and Quarantine Costs

Emirates has become the first airline to offer global COVID-19 insurance.

The world is starting to open back up and as we all begin to travel again, we want to make sure we do it as safely as possible. Emirates understands that, which is why they're offering this free global coverage.

From now until October 31, 2020, the airline will automatically give travelers free COVID-19 coverage once they book a flight on their website or with a travel agent.

"The cover is valid for 31 days from the moment you take your first flight, and it covers you even if you travel onwards to another city," the airline's website notes.

So what are the benefits of this coverage? According to the website, they include:

•Assistance at any time when you fly between 23 July 2020 and 31 October 2020

•Free global cover for all customers

•Applies to every travel class

•Valid for 31 days

•No registration required

•COVID-19 health expenses up to EUR 150,000

•Quarantine costs EUR 100 per day for 14 days

•Free 24-hour hotline support number

You can read the full terms and conditions here.

With how this pandemic is impacting travel, we hope other airlines follow suit and offer their own version of COVID-19 coverage.

Emirates airplane flying in the blue cloudy sky

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