• Ashley Locke

4 U.S. Destinations You MUST Visit in October

We're about halfway through September. Can you believe it? This year was indeed one for the history books, but at least we're nearing the end.

With October rapidly approaching, we wanted to share some travel inspiration for the new month. We bet you have plenty of unused vacation days, so it's time they get put to good use.

Below, we rounded up four U.S. destinations you have to visit in October. Find the best one for you and start planning your trip!

Couple walking on a path in the woods

1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is scenic year round, though especially stunning during October. The weather is fantastic, but you'll want to be sure to pack layers. It can get a little toasty during the day, especially when you're hiking. At night, temperatures will cool down quite a bit.

The PhotoJeepers note, "Yellowstone in October is a good time to visit because there are fewer people, cooler temperatures for hiking and greater wildlife activity. It’s a stark contrast to the crowds of summer. You do need to be prepared for a trip to Yellowstone in the fall. The weather is unpredictable in the fall so pack for sun, rain, and snow."

2. The Berkshires

Nestled in the mountains of western Massachusetts, the Berkshires is a rural region perfect for a fall road trip. From the sky to the foliage, you'll feel as if you're in a movie driving through this area.

Berkshires.org mentions, "There are several routes that are especially dramatic and well worth the trip. Start on the Mohawk Trail along Route 2 near Clarksburg, a route that includes the famous Hairpin Turn and magnificent view of extraordinarily vibrant foliage. Drive through Williamstown (a quintessential New England college town, with historic brick buildings and classic white churches) and turn south on Route 7 for views of farms and orchards nestled along a picturesque valley. Cloud formations cast moving shadows on the soft hills that rise to the right and left of the road, and there are several places to pull over, stop the car, and drink in the quiet beauty."

3. Blue Ridge Mountains

Snaking through southern Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia, the Blue Ridge Mountains are a sight to see. Many travel from all across the globe to visit this mountain range in October, so they can take in the changing leaves. Once you've experienced a fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains, no other autumn will compare.

Blueridgeparkway.org shares, "The Blue Ridge Parkway is an immensely popular destination for trips to see the leaves change in Autumn. When planning for more than a day trip during October, it is crucial to make overnight accommodation reservations many months in advance to secure lodging in any area near the Parkway."

4. New York City

NYC is far less nature-based than the other destinations on this list, but it is a quintessential place to be in October. Incredibly romantic, there's nothing quite like visiting NYC in the fall. Taking a stroll through Central Park or participating in the Village Halloween Parade gives you the chance to fully experience fall.

As we're still living through the pandemic, not everything is open in New York. Use nycgo.com to discover where you can and cannot venture during your visit.

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