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These Travel Videos Allow You to Choose Your Own Adventure for Virtual Vacations

Virtual vacations were all but unheard of until this year. When the pandemic struck, travelers had to get creative with how they saw the world. And this has led to a rise in virtual vacations.

Refinery29's travel series 60 Second Cities, hosted by Annie Georgia Greenberg, has jumped on the trend, though they have gone one step further. The digital publisher has partnered with Eko to turn their virtual vacations into choose your own adventure style travels.

Currently, you can explore 10 different destinations across the globe, all while curating the vacation around your desires—virtually, of course.

Bringing you the world your way, you can visit Bali one minute and New York City the next. It's known for being "the first travel show directed entirely by you." How could you not want to participate?

Once you decide where you want to visit, you choose how your vacation will go. If you want a more relaxing trip, you can do that. If you want to explore in the most adventurous way, that is also a possibility.

Where will you go first?

Want to plan a virtual vacation of your very own? HERE'S how to do that!

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