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15 Black Travel Influencers You Need to Follow Right This Instant

Following more Black travel influencers is the absolute least we can all do during these times. For too long, many of us haven't supported Black voices in the travel community, so that needs to change.

If you're not sure where to start, we've got you covered. Below are 15 Black travel influencers you desperately need to see on your feed. Follow them now!

1. @oneikatraveller

Oneika Raymond is a TV host, writer, and international speaker whose work has been featured on Travel Channel, New York Life, and Your Morning. She uses travel to empower, educate, and explore, which will inspire you to do the same.

2. @onegrloneworld

Francesca is a self-love advocate whose posts are dedicated to travel, skincare, and natural hair tips. Everything she shares on her Instagram will have you itching to explore the world around you.

3. @foreign_fresh_fierce

When it comes to Cindy's Instagram, we come for the travel pics, but stay for the fashion. Not only does she know where to go, she knows what to wear to make every trip more luxurious than one could imagine. We'd give anything to have her wardrobe!

4. @spiritedpursuit

As influencers, everyone on this list knows how to take the most striking photos. Still, Lee Litumbe has taken some that are nothing short of stunning. You'll find yourself scrolling through her posts for hours on end.

5. @effyshowslife

Efia is a solo traveler who dedicates her content to mindset, wellness, and travel. Apart from offering some incredible travel tips and tricks, she offers content that is designed to empower you. And trust us, it will.

6. @outdoorsydiva

We know you likely already can't wait to go outside after being quarantined for months, but following Lauren of Outdoorsy Diva will inspire you to venture into the great unknown even more. Nature is calling!

7. @hotelwhisperer

Danielle has visited some of the most luxurious hotels around the world and shares her experience through her Instagram posts. Some of these hotels are truly magical, so you'll have plenty of inspo on where to stay next after scrolling through her feed.

8. @thepassportabuser

Keem is an expert globetrotter, which you will quickly discover from her posts. If her feed doesn't have you ready to whip out your passport, her masterclass will.

9. @theufuoma

Jessica Ufuoma created her site back in 2016 all with the goal of getting your moving. Her posts aren't only gorgeous, they'll also teach you how to travel better and smarter.

10. @j.allure__

This travel, fashion, and lifestyle influencer will not only wow you with her content, but give you plenty of inspiration to travel the world as fashionably as she does.

11. @she.just.left

We were immediately drawn to Alexis's account for her incredible Instagram name, but stayed for her content of her Southeast Asian travel journeys. Her solo adventures are nothing short of magical.

12. @fitflyflournoy

Kalyn has centered her feed around sharing travel tips, healthy habits, and wanderlust with her followers. For the travelers on a budget, consider her your go-to source of info.

13. @journeyswithkris

Christane Darline will tell you how to keep your job and see the world at the same time. From what to wear to where to stay, her posts are filled with a ton of inspiration.

14. @tiatakestheworld

Tia, aka your new travel bestie, has quite literally taken the world by storm and is ready to share all of her adventures with you. Oh to join her on one of her trips around the world!

15. @itstiffaniedavis

Tiffanie Lynn shares her life lessons from her life abroad through her engaging and informative Instagram content. She has a lot to share, so get ready to take notes.

Need even more travel influencers to follow? HERE are some travel Instagram accounts that will amp up your feed!

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