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7 Black-Owned Travel Businesses You Should Support

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We at Travel Babe are doing our best to consciously support the Black community, especially during these times. We know that this has to be a daily thing and not something that happens when Black lives are taken, because Black lives matter all 365 days of the year.

To show our support, we wanted to highlight Black-owned travel businesses we should all start supporting from here on out. Get acquainted with the list below now!

1. Travel Noire

Travel Noire is a digital media company that was found to help make travel more inclusive for people of color. They offer a ton of resources and travel guides that'll inspire you to travel more.

2. Black Girls Travel Too

Yes, Black girls travel. Yes, they deserve to feel seen and heard, and given the correct resources to make traveling safer for them. That's where Black Girls Travel Too comes in. They'll help you curate your next adventure, so pack your bags and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

3. Nomadness Travel Tribe

What started with one Black woman has grown into a movement. Nomadness Travel Tribe was created to encourage Black people to travel, while creating a community that will be there for one another.

4. Buoyant

As stated directly on their homepage, "Buoyant is a community built with black travel, black economics and black joy in mind." They'll help you plan a trip or host an event, all with your needs in mind.

5. Black Adventuristas

This Facebook group was created in 2014 and has continued to flourish since its inception. The ever-growing community aims to help connect Black women with each other and exciting experiences around the world.

6. Airfordable

We all love a discount on airfare, as that's usually the largest part of a budget for any trip. Airfordable was designed to make paying for your flights a bit more manageable. You'll be able to pay a portion upfront, then pay the rest in installments before you jet off to wherever you're going.

7. HERide

HERide is a rideshare app designed by a Black woman with women in mind. Taking an Uber or Lyft can be intimidating when you're a solo female and get stuck with a male driver, which is where HERide comes into play. Every driver is a female, so you'll always feel safe.

Other than showing up for Black-owned businesses, HERE are other ways you can support Black people!

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