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6 Black-Owned Eyewear Brands to Sport This Summer

Looking for a new pair of sunglasses to sport this summer? Consider your search done.

We rounded up some Black-owned eyewear brands that create some of the most iconic sunglasses on the planet. Get to know the brands below and find the pair you're looking for!

Dark-skinned Black girl wearing white-trimmed sunglasses in front of a teal background

1. Coco and Breezy

Coco and Breezy was founded by twin designers Corianna and Brianna Dotson. They set out to create eyewear that was artistic and that's exactly what they did with their stunning designs. They offer both glasses and sunglasses, so you can go to them for all your needs.

2. Jembere

Based in New York, Jembere is all about creating beautifully crafted frames that are reasonably priced. There selection of eyewear is "influenced by the juxtaposition of the rich culture of Ethiopia ... and everyday life in the big city of New York."

3. Krewe

Krewe creates hand-crafted frames you won't find anywhere else. The brand is "Inspired by the endless diversity of life," which is what they bring to every pair of eyewear they design.

4. Swav

Swav is known to be "eyewear for the visionary." Each pair of sunnies has an inspirational message on it to inspire you to never lose sight of your dreams. Your future will literally be bright when you rock these shades.

5. Bohten

Bohten was inspired the landscapes of Ghana, with the owner adding the nature and style of Africa into the designs she creates. Not only are the glasses stunning, but they're a reminder to preserve what's great.

6. Nroda

Nroda's sunnies have been worn by a plethora of celebrities, so you've likely seen their selection in fashion magazines and billboards alike. Their designs are for those who want to stand out and breakaway from the norm.

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