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5 Black-Owned Companies That Sell Cloth Face Masks

Face masks are a necessity now more than ever these days. You may already own your fair share of cloth face coverings, but who says you can't have a few more?

If you want to add another face mask to your collection, we suggest shopping from these Black-owned companies.

These companies sell more than face masks, so be sure to shop for other items you may need on their sites. Get your credit card ready, because it's time to go on a shopping spree!

Black woman wearing a surgical face mask in her home

1. Henry

Henry was created by designer Patrick Henry, otherwise known as Rich Fresh. The fashion designer recently transitioned into creating standout face masks when the pandemic hit. Celebrities all over Los Angeles have been spotted sporting his creations.

2. Diop

Created by Mapete Diop and Evan Fried, Diop makes masks for all. Their designs are inspired by the West African experience, though the brand emphasizes inclusivity in all they do. Really, anyone can wear these masks.

3. All Things Ankara

All Things Ankara is a Black-owned business that sells almost everything you could imagine. From nail wraps to fabric, you can purchase plenty of things on the website, including face masks. Their designs are unique and eye-catching, so you'll always stand out when you wear them.

4. Daniela Tabois

Daniela Tabois is a well-known wedding dress designer from Brooklyn. When the pandemic hit, she started creating ornate masks for her clientele. Now, everyone can purchase one of her striking designs.

5. Candace Cort Designs

Every mask from Candace Cort Designs is made with 100 percent cotton fabric that is washable and reversible. The fashion designer offers a number of masks with a variety of fun styles for all.

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