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These Resources Will Help You Find Black-Owned Businesses Near You

In light of recent events, many of us are learning that it isn't enough to say Black lives matter or repost content on social media. We have to do a lot more to support the Black community.

One way to do so is by buying from Black-owned businesses. If you aren't sure where and what the Black-owned businesses near you are, there are a handful of apps and websites that can help you buy Black.

Scroll below to check them out now!

One white woman and two Black women working together on their laptops while sitting on a couch

We Buy Black

We Buy Black is the largest e-marketplace for Black-owned businesses. You can shop everything from health and beauty to clothing and accessories on this website. Recently, it was announced that they are fulfilling distribution of products as well. So forget Amazon, start shopping here.

Black Nation

Black Nation is a convenient app that helps you find Black-owned businesses wherever you may be. It's a nice little thing to have on hand when traveling elsewhere, so you know where to shop.

Official Black Wall Street

Official Black Wall Street is both an app and website that can help you discover Black-owned businesses. Not only does it share these businesses, but it offers reviews, directions, special offers, and so much more.

Eat Okra

Specifically designed for Black-owned restaurants, Eat Okra is an app that will help you locate the best restaurants in your area. Again, it's a great app to have on your phone for when you travel and want to eat at Black-owned restaurants wherever you are.

Support Black Owned

Support Black Owned operates as a sort of search engine for Black-owned businesses. It also functions as an app and website, so you can use whichever is easiest for you to find a plethora of Black-owned businesses near you and around the world.

I Am Black Business

I Am Black Business exists mainly to help the Black-owned businesses that already exist or new ones that are emerging. Though it helps users find these companies, it also helps businesses increase their exposure to customers around the world.

If you're specifically looking for Black-owned travel companies, support THESE businesses here!

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