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10 Best Travel Shows to Watch on Netflix During Quarantine

Being stuck inside doesn't mean we can't travel the world from the comfort of our own home. It simply means we need to get a little more creative.

Because we're all watching Netflix now more than ever, this streaming service is the tool you need to escape the mundane.

You may think you've watched everything, but we know you haven't. In your spare time, check out these 10 best travel shows that'll take you on the ultimate adventure.

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1. Ugly Delicious

For those seeking the ultimate cultural culinary experience, Ugly Delicious is the series you need to start ASAP. Chef David Chang takes viewers on a delicious journey, allowing them to understand how other cultures view food. At the very least, it'll give you plenty of fresh and exciting recipes to try out during your time in quarantine.

2. Travels With My Father

Comedian Jack Whitehall sets out on the gap year he never completed with a very special companion—his father. The pair get into some pretty hilarious situations and it's fun to see how their relationship grows over the course of the series. You're sure to have a few good laughs watching this show.

3. Our Planet

The earth is home to creatures large and small, many of which we wouldn't otherwise interact with on a regular basis. Through Our Planet, you can get up close and personal with some of the most majestic animals to have ever roamed the planet. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, you'll feel more connected with nature than ever before.

4. Dark Tourist

New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier is here to introduce you to the world of dark tourism. If you're into the weird and unknown, this show is truly the one for you. Follow along as he takes you the world’s grisly and offbeat destinations.

5. Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip

Fans of The Great British Bake Off will love seeing judge Paul Hollywood in a new light in this travel series. As a car enthusiast, Paul embarks on a road trip across Europe to discover the history of car manufacturing. This is one history lesson we could watch again and again.

6. Conan Without Borders

From Cuba to Italy, funny man Conan O'Brien delights viewers with his ridiculous travel series. Each episode puts Conan in a new location to teach him the ways of the locals. It truly is something to see this man learn everything from lucha libre to salsa.

7. Tales by Light

This fascinating series is a feast for the eyes. Following various photographers, you get to experience firsthand what goes into capturing some of the most stunning travel photos all around the globe. It's so much more than aiming a camera at a subject and pressing a button, so prepare to be amazed.

8. The Kindness Diaries

A truly heartwarming and tear-jerking series, Leon Logothetis travels the world to help strangers in the kindest of ways. While you get to see various parts of the world, it also serves as a light of hope during these dark times. Be sure the grab the tissues before you binge!

9. Night on Earth

More of a nature series, Night on Earth focuses on what happens in the animal kingdom when the sun goes down. You'll see a new side of the world, one you likely miss due to sleep.

10. Carmen Sandiego

We know this is a cartoon and likely something you weren't expecting, but it still has plenty of travel involved in it. In fact, we bet most of you first got the travel itch after watching the original series. Tap into some nostalgia with the updated Netflix show today!

Being trapped inside all day isn't the most fun, but these quarantines are actually doing some good for the planet. Find out how HERE!

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