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These U.S. Destinations Go All Out for Halloween

Halloween is almost here, even though it definitely doesn't feel that way. Given how 2020 is progressed, this spooky season wasn't exactly what we were expecting. It's still spooky, just in the real life sense of living through a horror movie as opposed to watching one.

All that being said, plenty of people have opted out of celebrating Halloween this year. If you aren't one of them, welcome. For those of you who still want the full Halloween experience, we rounded up the best places to go for Halloween in the United States.

Check 'em out below!

Salem, Massachusetts

Seeing Salem on this list is likely not all that shocking. But, we couldn't resist. With its magical history, this town is always a hot spot for those who don't mind a good scare during the Halloween season. They even host balls and dinner theaters during the month. Prepare to be bewitched during your visit.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Prepare to experience all sorts of ooky, spooky vibes in Sleepy Hollow. If you're at all familiar with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, you'll have a grand time visiting the Old Dutch Burying Ground. This is where the tale of the Headless Horseman was brought to life.

St. Helens, Oregon

Remember the Disney Channel Original Movie Halloweentown? How could you forget? Anyway, the town where it was filmed (St. Helens) always puts on a show during Halloween. They even bring out the pumpkin that was featured in the film. You can't pass up an opportunity to visit Halloweentown.

Ceredo and Kenova, West Virginia

Ceredo and Kenova come together during the Halloween season for their C-K AutumnFest. This year's festivities will be a little different, due to the pandemic, but there is still so much to enjoy in these small towns. You should absolutely check out the famous Pumpkin House, which boasts a display of over 3,000 pumpkins.

Laconia, New Hampshire

Laconia is known for their NH Pumpkin Festival, which showcases some of the most intricate pumpkin displays you've ever seen. Once you're done with that, be sure to hit up their haunted attractions and festivals.

Anoka, Minnesota

Rounding out the list, we have a little city called Anoka. You may have never heard of it before, but it has been the Halloween Capital of the Word since 1920. Anoka goes all out for Halloween, as would be expected. They offer parades, contests, and so much more. You won't get bored running around this town during the Halloween season.

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