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The Best Places to Travel in the U.S. for Female Adventurers

We're all about solo travel. We cannot get enough of it. As much as we love exploring the world with our family and friends, there's something so special about seeing the sights on your own.

Most people assume that going on a solo trip requires leaving the country. While that is often the case (and something we highly recommend doing), you can explore the U.S. by yourself. You don't need to plan a three-week backpacking trip through Europe to experience the benefits of a solo adventure.

We even have some places in mind for you to explore. Scroll below to see the best places for solo female travelers in the U.S. now!

Two white women standing in front of a multi-colored wall that has the words "Nashville" on it in cursive

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is perfect for those who love nature, but also want to be pampered. There are no shortage of incredible hiking trails that will lead you to some mesmerizing views. And you can treat yourself to some wine tastings after your trek. We've even got a guide to Sedona that can help you plan your trip here!

New York City, New York

NYC is a dream for any solo traveler. This city truly never sleeps, so you'll never run out of things to do. The fall is the best time to visit, though you'll enjoy yourself no matter what month you make it out to the Big Apple.

San Francisco, California

When visiting California, many people tend to venture to Southern California over Northern California. Though we love Los Angeles, San Francisco is where it's at. There is just as much going on here as there is in L.A., but it feels a little more welcoming. You'll have no problem fitting right in.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is oh so fun, even when traveling alone. One of the reasons we enjoy it so much is for the thriving food scene. Their hub of food trucks is where it's at, so don't forget to check 'em out while you're exploring the city.

Nashville, Tennessee

Fans of country music will especially enjoy Nashville. Home to the Country Music Hall of Fame, you'll be immersed in country music history wherever you go. And the city boasts a thriving nightlife with plenty of bars to line dance at.

Austin, Texas

You'll want to mess with Texas after visiting Austin. It's a fairly liberal city that is both laidback and eclectic. Austin is fairly underrated, so we always recommend people visit at least once. Once you do, you'll be ready to go back.

Maui, Hawaii

There's no denying Hawaii is a paradise. It's beautiful everywhere you look. It's not always easy for people to make it to the island, though we really recommend you try to make it possible. Those who love the sand and sun will enjoy the beach escapes Maui provides.

West Palm Beach, Florida

If you're going to visit Florida, we suggest West Palm Beach. Orland is a hot spot for all the theme parks, but West Palm Beach offers a more peaceful Florida experience. Escape the crowds and enjoy the beach.

Charleston, South Carolina

There is a ton of history to explore in Charleston. We also can't forget to mention the Southern delicacy that is sweet tea. You have to try it during your visit. Charleston is also South Carolina's largest city, which means you'll have a lot to explore.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is almost always overlooked as a place to visit. With so many destinations to choose from, we can understand why. Still, we want to encourage you to visit our state's capital for its history and all the other exciting things it has to offer.

Not sure you're ready to embark on a solo trip? We're breaking down all the reasons why you should HERE!

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